Meetup on Test Automation by the Next-Gen Testers community

The Next-Gen Testers group organized a Meetup to share and exchange knowledge on Test Automation with focus on QARA - an advanced Test Case Management tool developed by The Digital Group (T/DG). Scheduled on 17th March, 2017 in Pune at the T/DG office, the event saw a lot of response and encouragement from the online Meetup community. To know more about Next-Gen Testers community, visit -

The key agenda of the Meetup was to give an overview of T/DG and its capabilities as a Testing Center, dos and don’ts of Accelerated Regression Testing, QARA (Quality Assurance with Rapid Automation) and a list of its important features, Test Cases to demonstrate QARA implementation and practical exercises. The session was initiated by Prakash Sharma, Vice President – IT at T/DG. In an interesting interactive session, he took the participants through various testing trends and innovations with regards to process, test development, technology and tools. He also introduced the audiences to great books and blogs along the way. He concluded his presentation with a brief introduction to the Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMI).

This was followed by a practical demonstration on QARA by Amit Dabli, the Lead Engineer of the QARA product development team. He took the participants through all the key features of QARA including – recording, manual and test case management, bug tracking, multi-browser testing, grid execution, object repository, mobile/desktop/web testing, and reporting, etc. In an interactive session that followed, participants asked questions on desktop app testing and current trends, and discussed various tools available in the market today and how they compare with QARA, etc.

The session helped everyone broaden their horizons with regards to automated testing and its future in an agile market scenario. The Meetup was looked upon as a positive step towards building a strong community of QA managers, software developers and testing engineers in Pune.

Here are some glimpses of the Meetup organized by the Next-Gen Testers.

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Posted Date:
Friday, March 17, 2017