Microsoft Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft. The Gold Partner Program represents Microsoft's ongoing commitment to the success of partners worldwide. The program offers a single, integrated partnering framework that recognizes partner expertise, rewards the total impact that partners have in the technology marketplace, and delivers recognized value to help partner's businesses be successful. As a Gold Certified Partner, The Digital Group has demonstrated a high level of expertise with Microsoft technologies. Additionally, through the partner program T/DG has a proven its ability to meet customer's needs. The benefits provided through our Gold Certified Partner status allow us to continue to enhance the services and solutions that we provide to our customers. We deliver these services by leveraging our knowledge and access to Microsoft products and resources and extending a level of access to services that very few organizations can provide themselves. Our clients benefit from working directly with a strategic partner that undergoes rigorous examination and testing from Microsoft to guarantee a high level of product and service quality. Clients also benefit from our program access to exclusive Microsoft analysis and decision making tools offered exclusively through the Gold Partner Program.

As part of the Gold Certified Program, Microsoft offers an exclusive opportunity to participate in Microsoft Competencies. Microsoft Competencies are designed to help differentiate a partner's capabilities with specific Microsoft technologies for customers seeking a particular type of solution. Each Competency has a unique set of requirements and benefits formulated to accurately represent the specific skills and services that partners bring to the technology services market. Within select competencies there are specializations that focus on specific solution areas and recognize a deeper expertise within that Competency. Serving as a unique path to earning those Competencies, specializations give direct access to the tools and resources that support a specific area of focus. The Digital Group has achieved and been awarded the following Competencies by Microsoft:

  • ISV/Software Solutions – Microsoft Gold Partners who earn this competency have displayed a successful track record in developing and marketing packaged solutions based on Microsoft Technologies
  • Network Infrastructure – Partners who earn this competency have displayed a proven expertise in the design, deployment, and customization of networking infrastructure solutions
  • Custom Development Solutions – This competency is achieved through obtaining a significant expertise in the design and deployment of custom-developed solutions based on Microsoft Technologies

Today's customers are looking for partner companies that can bridge the gap between their business demands and technology capabilities. Clients need to trust in a company that can act as an expert adviser for their long-term strategic technology plans. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, which have certified expertise and direct training and support from Microsoft, can build a positive customer experience with Microsoft technologies.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, T/DG works hand-in-hand with Oracle to satisfy customer's needs with industry-leading solutions that are powered by Oracle technology or are tightly linked to Oracle Applications. With access to Oracle's premier products including education, technical services and marketing & sales support, the Oracle Gold Partnership Program provides allies with the resources they need to be successful in today's information economy. This new relationship provides The Digital Group with a rich and collaborative program to extend to our clients. Oracle Gold partners are able to offer customers leading-edge solutions backed by Oracle's position as the world's leading supplier of e-business solutions.

Our Oracle Gold Partnership demonstrates our continued commitment to remain equipped with the latest technology, to exceed customers’ expectations and business needs while remaining on the leading-edge of innovation. Oracle and its strong solution alliances combine deep industry knowledge, useful tools and powerful research expertise with innovative thinking to ignite growth in your business. T/DG is able to offer the best pre-integrated open platform, allowing us to bring products & solutions to market quicker and to serve each client with a flexible and cost-effective solution. The Oracle global partner ecosystem provides continuous access to Oracle database, middle-ware and industry application solutions. These solutions facilitate our client's ability to develop, market, support and sell their products and services. Through program participation, The Digital Group is now able to:

  • Extend our reach in the market place by enhancing our development services level
  • Provide access to technical resources specially designed to improve our value proposition
  • Increase our visibility and knowledge through Oracle Communities and Focus Areas
  • Deliver a unique value proposition based upon an offering of fast-growing technologies and solutions for faster results
  • Allow T/DG to provide services and solutions to our customers beyond their expectations
  • Offer Oracle's reliability, security and innovation with new technologies such as service orientation, virtualization, wireless, business intelligence, and embedded technologies

The Oracle Gold Partner Program provides The Digital Group with the strength and capabilities to grow even further while continuing our organizational dedication to excellence in service. The program also allows T/DG to provide focused and cost effective solutions to small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) because of the amount of effort and resources Oracle is now dedicating to the SME market place.

DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra™, the leading distributed database technology, to the enterprise. Apache Cassandra™ is built to be agile, always-on, and predictably scalable to any size. With more than 400 customers in over 50 countries, DataStax is the database technology and transactional backbone of choice for the world's most innovative companies such as Netflix, Adobe, Intuit, and eBay. Based in Santa Clara, Calif., DataStax is backed by industry-leading investors including Comcast Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Meritech Capital, Premji Invest and Scale Venture Partners. For more information, visit or follow us @DataStax.

Open Source Connections build Search Engines, with a strong focus on Application Development and Data Architecture. Their services include:

  • Search Application Development: build search engines for large content repositories with specialized search requirements. Rich discovery applications allow to organically navigate content and see relationships between items. Simple data is useless if you cannot visualize the trends and relationships between the points. Dynamic visualizations can be a great medium for understanding your numbers.
  • Data Integration: install and optimize solutions for managing your big data and analytics needs. Specialized in managing distributed computing environments for data storage and ingestion. From patent data to corporate file systems to build aggregate search databases. Too much data, not enough answers? Find the underlying patterns in your data.
  • Search Engine Triage: Struggling with a tough search problem? We are here to help. We'll assemble a team of industry experts related to your problem area. Want them on-site; we will fly them to your location. Our experts work alongside your team to diagnose and resolve your specific search problem. Each team is supported by a large network of search professionals.
  • Search Architecture Assessments: Our experts will thoroughly review your search architecture and present best practices for increasing your search performance, improving your technology stack, and solidifying your search relevancy.
  • Relevancy Tuning: How easy is it for your users to find the content that they need? Without benchmarks it can be hard to determine how well your search is really doing. We can work with you to set up baseline results metrics using Quepid, and solve your tough relevancy scenarios.

HotDocs Corporation is a recognized market leader in document automation and assembly software, serving over 1,000,000 users worldwide, including 80% of the Am Law 200, 20% of the Fortune 500 companies and firms, corporations, and government agencies of all sizes. At the core of HotDocs is a set of tools that enables any organization that has a requirement for high volume, repeat and custom documentation to reduce costs, risks and time. This objective is achieved by using HotDocs to automate documents and forms into intelligent templates

Having partnered with HotDocs, we offer complete Document Automation services to our customers across several domains. With our state-of-the-art facilities and HotDocs trained expert pool, we can handle any volume and have the capability to scale as necessary. No matter the functional and analytical support required, our dedicated team with their specialized set of skills can provide all HotDocs related services.

Our Complete HotDocs Document Automation Services include:

HotDocs Template Development

  • End-to-end Document Automation and template creation
  • Intelligent and intuitive interview design
  • PDF, Word and other formats supported by HotDocs Developer tool

Business Analyst Services

  • Both onsite and offshore Analysts who can speak the customers’ business language
  • Analysts who bring in specialized experience to analyze and understand the context of forms/documents to generate user-friendly interview forms and dialogs
  • Analysts who can understand and analyze customers’ IT systems to provide integration with automated documents

Integration Services

  • Engineering services to integrate HotDocs platform into the existing web applications
  • UI customization of the HotDocs generated HTML Interviews
  • Data Integration with other IT Assets (example: ETL processes to create HotDocs Answer files that can prepopulate forms/documents)

QA Services

  • Our dedicated QA services for testing and certifying every template before it’s published
  • To test and certify other integrated systems irrespective of technology stack

Our teams are familiar with various facets of the HotDocs Document Automation Suite:

  • HotDocs Developer
  • HotDocs Server
  • HotDocs Template Manager
  • HotDocs Web Service – SOAP
  • HotDocs On Premise Web API
  • HotDocs Open SDK
  • HotDocs JavaScript API
  • HotDocs Customizable Stylesheets

Hortonworks is the only 100-percent open source software provider to develop, distribute and support an Apache Hadoop platform explicitly architected, built and tested for enterprise-grade deployments. Developed by the original architects, builders and operators of Hadoop, Hortonworks stewards the core and delivers the critical services required by the enterprise to reliably and effectively run Hadoop at scale. Our distribution, Hortonworks Data Platform, provides an open and stable foundation for enterprises and a growing ecosystem to build and deploy big data solutions. Hortonworks also provides unmatched technical support, training and certification programs.

Talend, the open source software Company, provides a broad range of enterprise data solutions and tackles the challenges related to big data management. It is the cutting-edge market leader in providing middleware applications, integration applications, big data integration, master data management and data quality. Moreover, Talend’s solution intends to solve all the issues related to big data and application integration. The open source products of Talend are the most trusted integration solutions that most of the enterprises recommend for enterprise data integration. The company is located in North America, Europe and Asia, with its headquarters in Redwood City, CA.

The Gold partnership with Talend is an added advantage for T/DG. This joint partnership will enable us to acquire access to Talend’s products and expertise to expand the business. It has enriched us to provide solutions related to big data, data integration and data quality. Talend’s cost-effective, robust and versatile solutions enables us to effectively solve enterprise data integration and business intelligence challenges.