big data solutions Enterprises are swamped with information that comes from heterogeneous sources. Integration of this information is crucial for all the enterprises. Hence, The Digital Group experts ensure that the enterprises are provided with excellent big data solutions. We, at T/DG are focused on helping our clients to reach highest information maturity level to get more business insights. In order to speed up the organizational growth, The Digital Group professionals transform the big data enterprises into data driven enterprises with systematic and time bound processes.

What Digital Group provides

Impending to a big data initiatives is a serious activity in any organization. We, at T/DG concentrate on specific problems during our client's journey towards big data empowerment.

  • Help Organizations in achieving their objectives towards big data empowerment
  • Analyze their existing landscape and identify additional insights that could enhance business growth
  • Enhance organizational productivity with Big Data solution through different maturity levels and upskill the team proficiency along with it
  • Complement Organizations with proficient and cost-effective solutions for information consolidation, storage and analysis using Big Data
  • Provide Consulting, Training and Managed Services to customers for specific problems related to big data management

Technology and Architecture

Technology and Architecture - Enterprise Big Data Consulting
  • T/DG Enterprise Big Data Consulting comprises multiple stages of information processing. With the help of various information adapters to different data sources, the information is captured and stored in big database storage.
  • The stored information is then transformed using Big Data technologies such as data models, analytical models and search index. Thereafter, the data is consolidated together for analysis.
  • With the help of T/DG Search and Analytics Engine, the information can be analyzed for different KPIs and it can be made available to any applications through standard interfaces either through T/DG's own visualization or through application's own interface.
  • Our solutions are based on multiple technologies. The solutions are also based on various factors such as budget cost, information complexity, type of processing, and technical complexity.

Information Maturity Levels

The Big data information maturity level of enterprises can be defined in 5 different levels.

  • At Level 1, maturity starts with information collection from various direct as well as indirect sources.
  • At Level 2, enterprises are focused towards transforming and consolidating the information in the big data storage.
  • At Level 3, enterprises perform statistical analysis on the organizational information.
  • At Level 4, enterprises predict and budget the KPIs based on past performance and perform statistics on the information consolidated from different sources.
  • At Level 5, enterprises go for optimization based on prescription coming from the system, and start aligning their businesses towards the planned goals accordingly.

As enterprises move through these levels towards bringing maturity in big data capabilities, they gain more and more values of their investment.

the big data information maturity level of enterprises

Key Benefits

The benefits and unique value of our Big Data Consulting can be summarized below :-

  • Significant Cost Saving and Customer centric Pricing Model: We work as per customer's preferred pricing model. Our Big Data Search Solution for complex enterprise search implementation is offered at optimum cost.
  • In-Built Products and Tools: The experts develop various products and tools with best practices to resolve big data challenges faced by enterprises. This reduces the possibilities of human errors, resulting faster implementation with lower risk during the implementation.
  • Proven Methodology and Execution: We at T/DG believe in executing projects systematically. Hence, we are appraised and certified by various organizations for our processes.
  • Deeper Technical Expertise: Our architects are globally recognized technology mentors. Many of them contribute to open sources regularly. Some of them have written books on various big data technologies that are best sellers, published various research papers/technical articles and delivered many big data deliverables to some of the biggest names in various domains.
  • Global Strategic Alliances and Technology Partnerships: We quickly address our customer concerns with our strategic alliance and partnership such as DataStax, Hortonworks etc.

Tools and Technologies