Quick decisions and agile business strategies made possible with T/DG’s Data Architecture services

Data is the key to great consumer insights, sales performance, cost-effective operations and many more aspects of a business. Today’s data landscape is exploding with rapidly changing technologies, consumer engagement platforms and data medium. In order to stay relevant, competitive and agile, it is absolutely necessary that businesses have an infallible data architecture framework in place. T/DG provides a holistic

Data Architecture as a Service. It includes the following steps –
  • Define the logical layers and components of the existing data architecture.
  • Understand the atomic patterns.
  • Understand composite (or mixed) patterns for data solution.
  • Choose a solution pattern and the right implementation tool.
  • Devise a Data Strategy, outlining business aims and objectives for improved collection and use of data.
  • Design Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Reporting strategies.

Our conceptual Data Architecture Diagram

Image description: T/DG’s all-inclusive Data Architecture services

Make the most of our effective Data Architecture model

  • Accelerated Data Warehouse projects with pre-tested configurations.
  • Reduced planning and setup cost.
  • Increased success factor by choosing the right model or configuration.
  • Reduced future support costs by limiting solution re-architect effort.

The Digital Group Data Architecture Services can help you in this effort by creating a high-performance and scalable architecture to achieve your enterprise data management goals - thus taking your business to the next level in the process.


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