Does your data need a reality check? Try T/DG’s Enterprise Data Governance services

Data Governance is a collective term given to the availability, integrity, usability and security of data within an organization. Enterprises today are processing humungous sets of data every single day. A lot of time, effort and money is spent on determining the owners of data, the formats, the structure and thereby the insights. The accuracy of this data churning process is crucial as it becomes the basis of all critical business decisions. To ensure impeccable data quality, complying with the current regulations becomes non-negotiable. This is where Data Governance solutions come into picture.

The different aspects covered under Enterprise Data Governance include:
  • Change management.
  • Program management.
  • Organizational Alignment.
  • People, policies and processes.

T/DG’s well-defined Data Governance processes

T/DG’s expertise in handling and refining enormous amounts of data has made us the industry experts in Data Governance. Our platforms are agile and robust enough to handle data security on a large or small scale as per our client requirements. Based on T/DG’s experience from numerous implementations, we will start the process by ensuring a solid Data Management Practice in place before picking up a specific technology to solve the business problem. Right from Open Source Platform like Talend to market popular tools and frameworks like Informatics, we can help institutionalize a governance structure for all businesses.

How will our Data Governance services help you?

  • Improve data quickly .
  • Deploy, Monitor and Control Data Quality processes from a single location.
  • Apply processes across all systems – CRM, ERP and transactional data enterprise wide.


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