Data Generation has increased enormously with the advancement of technology, Internet and connectivity of mobile devices. Companies find it challenging to find varied ways of data management. This is where Data Management / Data Governance comes into picture first. People, Policies, Processes, Change Management, Program Management, and Org Alignment are essential facets of Data Governance. One facet that is critical for successful implementation of Data Governance is to have a common Data Platform for Tools & Architecture across organization for Holistic Data Governance.

The Digital Group has expertise and competences to offer Data Governance. Two notable data platforms that cover governance to any scale - big or small are widely in use. Based on The Digital Group’s experience from several implementations, a solid Data Management Practice has to be in place before picking up a specific technology to solve the business problem. Right from Open Source Platform like Talend to market popular tools and frameworks like Informatics can help institutionalize governance structure.

Business Processes that Enable Data Governance

business processes that enable data governance
Key benefits
  • Improve data quickly in less time
  • Deploy, Monitor and Control Data Quality processes from single location
  • Apply processes across all systems – CRM, ERP and transactional data enterprise wide.