The world is getting digitized, thereby prospering the Digital media technologies. To remain ahead in the competition, organizations need to use latest digital media and publishing technologies. Digital Media has become powerful part of the online marketing world. Through our experience working with digital media organizations, we have a profound knowledge of the competing challenges in the digital marketing. Our SEO strategies focus on creating revenue by enhancing user experience. We try to implement innovative mobile and web search options in media and publishing areas.

T/DG domain based offering constitute solutions, platforms and consulting services including

  • Information Services
  • Publishing
  • Advertising (Online and Mobile advertising /Self- Service Advertising)
  • Media

The Biggest Challenges in media and publishing world
1. Managing deep content
2. Building audience loyalty
3. Keeping up with web innovations
4. Gaining strategic independence from the large, general search engines
5. Controlling IT costs while meeting escalating performance demands

We provide solutions to enhance the user experience:

  • Improve search and information access with user aids like faceted navigation of results, support for natural language queries, related query (and content) suggestions, and fuzzy matching tools like phonetic and approximate spelling matches and spelling correction.
  • Create an engaging user experience with seamless mash ups and unified search of internal or external content, regardless of source or format (structured like database content, or unstructured like user-generated content (UGC), Web content, or multimedia files).
  • Serve up a steady stream of innovative Web 2.0 features like social search, advanced image and video search, visual mapping of results, contextual Wiki information, etc.
  • Enable innovative search engine optimization (SEO) strategies
  • Reduce IT costs and time to market with a scalable, service-oriented platform that provides stunning performance with remarkably lean resources.

Our service offerings in the arena of Media & Publishing are:

  • Enhanced video search
  • Video (and audio) transcript searching
  • Advanced text indexing and query processing
  • Exclusive Wikipedia search
  • Advanced image search
  • Mobile search
  • Social search

Let T/DG serve as your shortcut to serving up a steady stream of rich media innovations.