E-Governance Sector

The industries in the Government sector have always had a massive contribution to the economy. However, with the advent of digitalization, it has become difficult for Government sector industries to keep up with the private sector, with the private sector investing in the latest technologies to improve their business processes. Given below are some of the key challenges faced by the Government sector.

  • Making key government services available to people online.
  • Ease of search of public records.
  • Secure search system for real estate property and tax documents.
  • Managing the HR functions and payroll systems for organizations.
  • Management of the huge amounts of documents and data.
  • Access to latest technology and software to meet the business needs.

The Government sector is currently aiming for a transformation to stay relevant to the demands of a changing business scenario.

The Digital Group’s E-Governance Service Offers Strategy, Process & Technology Solutions for Different Aspects of Government

The Digital Group's comprehensive technology expertise and service offerings leverage our proven experience with government agencies to meet all aspects of mission requirements. The Digital Group's technology & business teams, coupled with a rigorous program management discipline, ensure that we understand the clients' objectives while delivering on-time and on-budget solutions. We know how to make lean commercial practices work to reduce cost and risk while delivering on time in government contexts.

Our Government Solutions offer the latest technology and expert business practices to assist clients in finding comprehensive solutions to the government challenges. We can develop solutions for real estate, public law, tax, environmental, public finance and legal compliance domains. We provide technology expertise and strategies for dealing with the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

We employ only experienced consultants who have successfully and repeatedly demonstrated their process and technological prowess in private and / or government sectors. Their focus is on excellence and execution rather than their next assignment. This makes us an organization that can meet your needs, be it for executive mentoring, a project delivery team or key individual members of the staff.

The Digital Group's Government IT Solutions help you integrate applications, present information, and automate government legal compliance & business processes that local and state government utilizes to manage and execute your community and citizen business processes.

The Digital Group’s Government IT Solutions are designed to help Government organizations integrate applications, present information effectively, and automate legal compliance and business processes.

Here’s How We Can Help You:

  • Develop secure web based solution for recordation of Real Estate Documents with County Clerks & Registers, along with the search and retrieval of real estate and tax documents.
  • Design Citizen Portals for Birth, Death, and Marriage Registry.
  • Develop online Public Record Search System.
  • Develop comprehensive systems to manage different aspects of elections, such as voter registration management.
  • Design solution to manage employee attendance, benefits Information and integration with Payroll system.
  • Design back-filing solutions for effective management of land records and tax data.
  • Provide custom software solutions to meet the specific needs, using technologies from Microsoft, Oracle, OpenSource systems & Solutions from MyOB.

Our Capabilities in the Government Domain:

  • Enterprise Technology Solutions.
  • Government Outsourcing.
  • World-class Program Management (CMMi & PMI Certifications).
  • Lean Process Improvement & Six Sigma.
  • Learning and Transformation.
  • Facilities Operation and Management.
  • eFiling.
  • eGovernance Portals.
  • Public Records Search Systems.
  • Cyber Security & IT Infrastructure Services.


To find out more about our services for the Government Sector, please contact us today. You can also send us your project specifications at info@thedigitalgroup.com.