Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is witnessing a major transformation due to technological innovations, which calls for familiarity with the latest technology and solutions. Healthcare has several aspects, the key ones being healthcare sciences and pharmaceuticals. Here are some of the challenges faced by the health industry when it comes to technological innovations:

  • Management of web-based medical journals and publications.
  • Systematic approach to search navigation in healthcare data.
  • Relevant filters for search results in clinical research.
  • Management and retrieval of data and information for medical research.
  • Access to clinical information for improved healthcare quality.
  • Development of effective healthcare apps and software.
  • Irrelevant or obsolete technology and applications.

The pharmaceutical sector is struggling to cater to the redefined doctor-patient dynamics and users who are increasingly getting tech savvy. Medical researchers from the healthcare science domain, on the other hand, are looking for an effective way to make sense of the huge amount of data available for medical research.

The Digital Group’s Healthcare Solution provide Seamless Integration of Healthcare and IT for Efficient and Effective Care

The Digital Group brings 24+ years of excellence in serving the healthcare IT domain with cutting-edge technologies. Our services like health application development, content management system, and web services in the health domain, lead to enhanced productivity and bring cost advantage to healthcare clients.

Our solution includes Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, SAAS based application, Enterprise Search application and Health information systems that supports health industries with much needed measurements, benchmarks and practices for better efficiency.

Here’s How We Can Help You:

Our areas of expertise in the healthcare industry include the following:
1] Healthcare Sciences: Medical Research & Clinical Research

Our core solutions for the healthcare sciences domain are focused on Publication Management, Information Management, Research Management, and Content Management solutions.

a] Publication Management Solution
  • Provide Web-based Publication Management System.
  • Design effective Workflow Content Management System.
b] Information Management Solution
  • Provide enhanced search and navigation support through the development of taxonomies, ontologies and content management platforms.
  • Database development. and management for BZB directories and product catalogues.
  • Effectively manage results, filtering and exports.
c] Research Management Solution
  • Design content monetization & subscribed information delivery portals.
  • Manage Electronic Table of Contents (eToCs), Online Journals & Content Delivery.
  • Provide 3rd Party Database Aggregation, Normalization & XML Taxonomy services.
  • Provide Abstraction and Indexing services for patient databases and non-patent literature.
d] Content Management Solution
  • Develop Content Integration with legacy business applications (such as CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.).
  • Provide Web Content Management services.
  • Design solutions for Health content and document management.
  • Design Workflow technology.
2] Pharmaceutical Industry: Manufacturing Medications and Medical Devices

Our core solution for the Pharmaceutical domain focuses on the Pharma Information Management system.

The Pharma Information Management system, or medical management system, includes core functions like inpatient and outpatient order entry, dispensing, inventory and purchasing management. These systems must connect or integrate with other systems within the enterprise; including an EMR, computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and barcode technology.

Our Information Technology Solutions can help pharmacists reduce clinical errors with intelligent warnings, messages, and rejection notices; and gain immediate access to clinical information from every department of the enterprise.

In addition to the above, here are few of our value-added offerings for the pharmaceutical industry:
  • We support each client with a dedicated team of technology experts based on the client’s unique needs.
  • We complement our clients with the right blend of onsite, offsite and offshore development teams to deliver highly cost-effective solutions in the healthcare industry.
  • Our goal is to provide the best support and maintenance of legacy healthcare applications on legacy environment & technologies.
  • We support and enhance existing healthcare software applications, including development of new features and functionalities.
  • Our team delivers re-architecting applications for seamless migration across technology platforms, including mobile and cloud computing infrastructure.
  • We can deliver Healthcare Application Development using traditional methodologies as well as latest methodologies like Agile (scrum) and TDD (Test Driven Development).
  • Our Information Technological Solution helps to reduce clinical errors with intelligent warnings, messages, and rejection notices in pharma industries. It also helps to gain immediate access to clinical information throughout the enterprise.

Our Capabilities in the Healthcare Domain:

  • Pharma Information Management.
  • Healthcare Mobile App Development.
  • Cloud Application Development.
  • SaaS Based Application Development.
  • Enterprise Search Application.
  • Legacy Healthcare Application Development.

Key Achievements:

  • 8+ Years of Successful Partnership with one of the leading clients in healthcare domain.
  • High level of customer satisfaction for leading STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers) companies worldwide.
  • The confidence of clients in T/DG’s consistent commitment to excellence.


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