Manufacturing Industry - Challenges faced by Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing industries forms the backbone of any economy with their significant contribution to a nation’s GDP. Due to the demands of an ever-changing market, the manufacturing industry is facing many challenges, some of which are as follows:
  • Increased complexity due to global expansion.
  • Inability to meet the changing demands of the market.
  • Difficulty in product data management across markets and countries.
  • Lack of access to innovative solutions.
  • Outdated human resource management process.
  • Unsatisfactory inventory control and stock management.
  • Absence of a seamless supply chain management system.
  • Adherence to product and process quality standards.
  • Keeping a tab on taxes and compliances.
  • Gaining a competitive edge and standing out from the competition.

In the current scenario, the economic environment and the need for an efficient supply chain network to address the market challenges are driving manufacturing enterprises to adopt high performance manufacturing solutions.

The Digital Group’s Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
We Offer Custom Software to Deliver Business Value

The Digital Group's expertise in IT Services & solutions for the Manufacturing industry enables us to foresee and comprehend the challenges that are changing the Manufacturing industry landscape. To help manufacturers meet the challenges, we offer custom solutions to enhance profitability and deliver business value through resource optimization and asset utilization across the value chain.

Here’s How We Can Help You:
  • Achieve higher profitability with custom IT Application Development.
  • Reduce costs and enhance customer experience with an ERP-integrated platform.
  • Simplify the process of storage, management and retrieval of the vast amount of product data.
  • Improve product lifecycle management and efficient data visualization capabilities.
  • Enhance efficiency with automation of workflow and quality control.
  • Improve communication within and outside the organization through Enterprise Portals & Collaboration Management.
  • Seamless supply chain management and inventory management with ERP software.
  • Efficient management of human resources and associated activities with Human Capital Management and Information Systems.
  • Improve employee engagement with training programs through the development of Learning Management System for your organization.
  • Get support for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of your systems and devices.

Our Capabilities in the Manufacturing Industry Domain:

  • Software Services.
  • Enterprise Mobility.
  • Enterprise IT Strategy & Architecture.
  • Supply Chain Management & ERP Systems.
  • Portals & Collaboration.
  • Human Resource Information Systems(HRIS).
  • ELearning Systems.
  • Process Consultancy.
  • Organizational Competency Development.


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