Mortgage Banking Industry

A mortgage is a loan you obtain by keeping your home or any real estate property as a mortgage. This means that in case you fail to repay the loan, the lender can take the home away and sell it to recover your missed payments. A mortgage bank is a state-licensed banking entity that specializes only in lending mortgage loans to individuals and businesses.

Some of the challenges faced by the mortgage banking industry today include increased costs incurred due to additional staff and error rework, the high cost of processing real property orders, inability to support a significantly higher volume of filings, errors at multiple levels, and difficulty in follow-ups and management, among others.

The Digital Group’s Mortgage Banking Service Offers a Single Processing System for Operational Tracking, Printing and Follow Up

With the current changes in the mortgage banking landscape, lenders can now seek solutions that are designed to help them cater to the range of demands from the users as well as combat the high default rates with success. The Digital Group’s outstanding mortgage banking solutions and services help our clients improve on the overall performance of the process, helping them successfully cut down on costs, experience a boost in productivity and create higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Our wide range of clients have varying business needs and our approach is to provide customized solutions that help in every aspect, right from title search, review and modification of loans, to HUD settlements.

Over the years, our mortgage lending solutions have helped many mortgage firms and professionals across the globe and have experienced success in their business. With the solutions by The Digital Group, you gain an edge over the competition and stand out within a marketplace that is dynamic and regulated.

Here’s How We Can Help You

  • Provide a single processing system for operational tracking, printing, and follow up.
  • Provide the performance and scale necessary to print and transmit 10K documents each day.
  • Expand the routing functionality to reduce manual effort and get a consistent, high-quality result.
  • Enhance the automated processing and tracking functionality to reduce or eliminate opportunities for errors, omissions, and gaps.
  • Reduce support costs by eliminating redundant functionality wherever possible.
  • Automate or expand services provided by Verifile for UCC filings to include RP workflows, regardless of the input or fulfillment method used
  • Provide E-Recordation services for Real Property Filings
  • Provide scanned images of the Recordings with the Jurisdiction
  • Provide virtually unconstrained supply of high-quality operation and managerial talent
  • Help you achieve better capacity utilization and efficient labor deployment
  • Make it easy for you to focus strongly on core business issues

Our Capabilities in the Mortgage Banking Domain

  • Mortgage Billing Process (MBP).
  • Mortgage Due Diligence Searching & Reporting.
  • e-Recordation & Lien Release.
  • UCC Search, Filing & Billing Process.
  • Nationwide Property Search and Abstracting Services.
  • Chain of Title Review (COTR)


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