The STM Publishing Industry

Generation and dissemination of information is nearly a $766 billion industry in 2016, as per the Outsell report. The term "Information providers" encompasses a wide variety of companies such as Financial Information Aggregators and Providers, not-for-profit associations and scholarly societies, online portals and the Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) Publishing Industry. The STM Publishing industry facilitates the quest, accessibility, preservation and widespread usage of scientific discovery and insights through the publication of scientific and medical journals. Talking about the importance of STM Publishing, it is integral to research because research data has little or no value unless it is published in a reputed journal.

Publishing has its costs and STM Publishing is no different, and the industry has taken steps to deal with this through collective investment and the use of sustainable business models. Another major challenge is the urgent need to switch to “online-only”, as the increasing costs of print journals are discouraging people from opting for print subscriptions.

The Digital Group’s STM Publishing Solutions: Database Development, Management, Abstraction and Indexing Services

T/DG has been in the forefront of serving the segment, with close to a decade of experience working for global clients across the STM Publishing, Media and technology, and Corporate Legal Compliance verticals. We have fulfilled the information and knowledge requirements of leading clients in this segment. In the areas that we are engaged in, we offer meaningful analysis with feedback, creativity in design, agile methodology-based software development and application of innovative technology solutions for sensible convergence of business processes and IT. This is reflected in our custom validated methodology for systems development. With a sound evaluation of the business processes, technology, task, and affected groups, we can help forge business productivity to realize meaningful returns on technology investment.

Apart from the domain expertise, T/DG has considerable experience and expertise in developing technology services for architecting and developing specialized content aggregation and delivery platform architecture, infrastructure design and deployment coupled with configurable web application development and support, database development, editorial services, developing the information architecture in the form of taxonomies and ontologies, research and analytical support, and portal management. Over the years, we have proved our mettle with numerous successful projects for the STM Publishing sector.

Here's How We Can Help You

  • Content Monetization and Subscribed Information Delivery Portals.
  • Enhanced search and navigation support through development of taxonomies and ontologies and content mining platform.
  • Third Party Database Aggregation, Normalization and XML Taxonomy services.
  • Abstraction and Indexing services for patent databases and non-patent literature.
  • Database development and management for B2B directories and product catalogues.

Our Capabilities in the STM Publishing Domain

  • Content Monetization Portals.
  • Electronic Table of Contents (eToCs), Online Journals & Content Delivery.
  • Enterprise Search & Content Mining Platforms.
  • Abstraction and Indexing services.
  • Database Services for B2B directories and product catalogues.


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