Technical Lead - SQL Server Production DBA

Role:   Technical Lead - SQL Server Production DBA

Location: Hinjewadi Phase-1, Pune

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Job Discription:

Senior SQL Server Administrator with atleast 8 years of total experience which includes atleast 3 years of experience as a Production DBA setting up and managing large-scale clustered SQL Server production environments both on-prem and on Azure IAAS. Atlest 6 months of experience managing production SQL Server environments on Azure
Experience should include the following areas:
  • Installation of SQL Server in a clustered environment, both on-prem and on Azure IAAS
  • Experience migrating on-prem clustered SQL Server production environments to Azure  IIAS
  • Configuring subnets and appropriate DB security at the network and SQL Server Level on Azure
  • Backup/Recovery strategy and implementation (database backups, transaction log backups)
  • Performance Tuning in large production environments
  • SQL Server Alerts & Monitoring
  • Mirroring design/configuration
  • Cluster Administration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • SQL/OS Auditing
  • Replication design/configuration
  • SQL Clustering design/configuration
  • Log shipping design/configuration
  • Maintenance plan configuration

Abhishek Verma
Hinjewadi Phase 1, Pune
Job Status: