Announcing the launch of QARA - Quality Assurance with Rapid Automation by T/DG

"QARA is a next-gen, cost-effective test automation tool that guarantees a measurable decrease in the time, money and efforts you invest in manual testing and regression test cycles."

Pune, India - March, 2017: Change is here... are you ready? In today’s fast-changing world, T/DG's QARA - an advanced test automation tool, is what you need. It offers innovative and effective automated testing solutions that focus on improving the software quality and increasing the speed in delivery. With its phase-wise approach to test automation, emphasis on quality assurance and a complete understanding of your business needs can help change the way you do business for the better.

QARA plays an important role in all the software development life cycle phases. It can automate a vast array of platforms and has in-built support for customizations that helps meet organizational goals. The rich integrated tool supports declarative no-coding, no-scripting functional test design, planning, execution along with built-in reporting capabilities.

It's an agile, enterprise-ready platform that provides a single management layer over several mature open source frameworks, namely Selenium, White, and Appium. It also enables centralized test case storage to popular version control systems and bug tracking tools such as Microsoft's MTM and JIRA. Integration with BrowserStack and BrowseEmAll, helps provide users with multi-browser testing functionality.

"Today, investing in an agile Test Automation tool is a necessity and not a luxury. In such a market scenario, QARA helps testers overthrow 3 key challenges - long-drawn regression cycles, manual testing errors and cost-effectiveness."
– Prakash Sharma, Vice President - IT at T/DG & Masters Black Belt in Six Sigma

Here’s how your organization stands to gain:

  • Keyword-Driven Framework with user-friendly keywords
  • Library function support to perform conditional checks and looping
  • Reduced dependencies on subject matter experts and tool experience
  • Reduced test data setup time
  • Increased quality and reliability
  • Reduced defects and faster time to market
  • Faster realization of ROI
  • Increased flexibility to reach multiple target devices and browsers
  • Significant cut down (nearly 70%) in regression and integration test cycles
  • Reduced (nearly 60%) manual testing efforts
  • A learning curve of just 3 days

T/DG's QARA is an ideal test automation tool for small and medium sized enterprises in India that aim to improve their software quality in terms of security, customer experience and efficient delivery. The tool provides a seamless experience to end users, which helps enhance corporate image, customer satisfaction and overall business results.

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Posted Date:
Friday, Mar 10, 2017