The Digital Group, Fiji Secures The Prestigious Fiji Egov Project For Automating Government Service Platforms & Infrastructure.

The Digital Group secured the prestigious eGOV Fiji Project for developing next generation ePlatforms for helping Government Organizations implement eGovernment services effectively and cost efficiently.

E-Government is a growing concept around the globe that changes the way government organizations exchange information and services between themselves and with their citizens. To help meet this change, governments are working to improve their technology service platforms while also enhancing the security and performance of these systems. The Digital Group Fiji provides purpose-built, high-performance technology solutions for the government segment to help build and grow their E-Government services while also improving their mission effectiveness and business productivity. Our unique ePlatform concept based on Microsoft technologies, enables government organizations to implement a foundation infrastructure with a highly scalable and secure system that will help them to cost effectively accommodate current, and future, E-Government technology offerings. To ensure the adequate provisioning of these E-Government services to all departments and citizens, Digital Group Fiji high performance application acceleration teams help improve efficiency between government locations and entities while also enhancing the level of service performance to all its cyber citizens.

eGov is allowing its customers to identify and explore strategies and technologies for the next generation of Fiji government. Effective utilization of information and communications technology can improve small and medium sized companies. eGov represents a new way the government, business and citizens interact.

The various areas of eGov are the Public Contact Centre, selected e-Applications, Government Information Infrastructure which also looks at VoIP and the Data Centre development. ICT training and Business Process Reengineering for all Government Ministries will also be undertaken. The eGov programme with funding attained will continue through to 2015 to complete and deploy all Government services needed.

Posted Date:
Friday, May 29, 2009