The Digital Group (T/DG) Bags The Financial Database System Development Project For Ministry Of Public Enterprises, Fiji

The Digital Group has been selected for the coveted job of architecting, developing and deploying the Financial Database for the Ministry of Public Enterprises, Fiji.

The Public Enterprises Portfolio (‘PEP’), currently entrusted with the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) since 1998, consists of eighteen entities that include ten Government Commercial Companies with two subsidiary companies, four Commercial Statutory Authorities and two Majority Owned Government Companies.

The scope and objective of this project is to, mainly architect, develop and deploy a Financial Database System which would facilitate the Ministry in monitoring & analyzing the performance of PEP and have a user friendly financial database.

The major long-term expectations of the Government regarding the Public Enterprises Portfolio are:

  • To be efficient and profitable; and>
  • To facilitate statutory functions entrusted with each of the entity through legislation and/or policy directive.
Highlights of the proposed solution–
I.System Features –
  • Generates financial ratios and analysis [Liquidity, Performance, Leverage];
  • Generates monthly, year to date and annual financial performance trends;
  • Allows for comparison with past years results and budget forecasts;
  • Allows for comparison with benchmarks [general & industry];
  • Allows for sensitivity analysis;
  • Generates input and output analysis; and
  • Incorporates corporate details and salient features of the PEP commonly requested by interested stakeholders;
II. Technologies used:
SharePoint 2010

Business intelligence applications and tools enable user to organize vision of organizational goals, processes, and performance requirements in a useful manner and to present that data as meaningful information.

Traditionally, the tools for accessing large amounts of unstructured data for the purpose of analysis were available only to people with years of experience in data warehousing or data mining. Publishing to the Web by using data from multiple sources is something historically restricted to developers and consultants. By using the new features available in SharePoint Server 2010, information workers can assemble data from multiple sources and publish that data on the Web.

SharePoint Server 2010 can link to business applications, such as SAP, Siebel, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, allowing you to easily publish reports, lists, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence

SQL Server 2008 makes business intelligence available to everyone through deep integration with Microsoft Office, providing the right tool, to the right user, at the right price. Employees at all levels of an organization can see and help to influence the performance of the business by working with tools that are both easy to use and powerful. Integration with the 20072010 Microsoft Office System enables users to view business performance in a way that they are familiar with. The introduction of PerformancePoint® Server 2007, helps customers gain actionable insight into the entire organization so they can monitor, analyze, and plan their businesses, as well as drive alignment, accountability, and actionable insight across the entire organization.

Mukesh Chotrani, Vice President, Projects, Fiji said,“Our sustained ability to design and deliver customized solutions has enabled us to consolidate our development position for projects undertaken so far for the Fiji Government. Our comprehensive array of service offerings ensures that we are well positioned to rise and meet customer expectations."

M D Sharma - Chairman, The Digital Group said,“Our clients continue to see the value we provide to their businesses by engaging us as their preferred IT Services Partner. Through our technology & business consulting expertise, we have helped our clients towards the strategic reprioritization and realignment of their organizational assets, resources and in-house IT initiatives. By engaging us, our clients have been able to realize accelerated market penetration in their core customer segments, enhance long-term sustainable growth, realize cost benefits and deliver increased shareholder value to their internal & external customers.”

Aliki Vuli SaluSalu, Manager ITCS, Government of Fiji said, “We found working with The Digital Group highly enjoyable as well as learning experience. Their disciplined approach to Project Management as well their flexibility in software development proves to be a great asset, particularly in the ever changing world such as ours."

U. D. Rogo, Manager IT, Fiji Police Department said, “The Fiji Police IT department is very privileged and most fortunate to have T/DG in partnership in its developments. The Level of professionalism, loyalty, honesty, dedication, integrity, coupled with family environment of work has seen our personnel to have integrated well with credited professionalism in our development."

About The Digital Group (T/DG) –
The Digital Group (, with its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, was incorporated in 1999. T/DG is an ISO 9000, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified CMMI Level 5 company with over 600+ top notch professionals across the globe providing technology and management consulting services and solutions, with offices in US, India, Fiji and Australia. T/DG has executed over 3000 person-years of outsourced IT projects. The Digital Group Limited, Fiji, based out of the ICT Technology Park in Suva, Fiji, is positioned to leverage our vast experience and global cost-effective delivery capability in developing eBusiness, Infrastructure and Management Information Solutions for our clients in Fiji, the South Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand with a strong local presence in Fiji.

T/DG’s Services & Solutions delivery capability is anchored in an integrated set of core competencies that span, people, processes and technology coupled with practice competencies in Integrated Business Solutions, Process Consultancy, IT Governance Initiatives, Enterprise Resource Planning, Infrastructure Management, eGovernment Solutions, Web Software Engineering, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence, Document Management & Mobile Solutions. We provide a cost-optimized global delivery model with onsite, near-site and off-shore capabilities.

Through our core competencies, global delivery capabilities, trusted technology partnerships & strategic alliances, we are able to provide comprehensive cost-effective IT & business solutions that empower organizations to have continuous access to integrated real-time information and optimize their business processes and management effectiveness. Our business continuity solutions also enable real-time, transactional change data capture, data replication and verification between operational and standby systems to enable disaster recovery and continuous systems availability.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a full spectrum of IT enabled solutions & services that complement their core strengths and enables them to leverage their investment in technology, infrastructure and business practices to assimilate a competitive edge comprised of streamlined processes, faster time to market and greater customer satisfaction.

Posted Date:
Friday, April 8, 2011