Ministry Of Labour - National Employment Centre - Database Development

The NEC Database will provide the IT solutions to back-up the ‘one-stop-shop’ quality employment services under the NEC. The Database will enhance overall service delivery through a more up-to-date data analysis and information for quick and effective decision making.

The NEC database is to operate over the NEC’s local and wide area networks. All NEC data is to be gathered and managed using a centralized database approach to manage the bulk of the data entry process. Data is to be made accessible to the regions using the latest offering of cost-effective industry-based network security measures. Each component of the NEC processes will be supplemented and complemented with specific and recent up-to-date data.

Moreover, it will enhance the overall NEC implementation, monitoring, review and way forward on the NEC initiatives. The database should also be able to generate reports and automate batch correspondences to participants at all stages of the NEC lifecycle.

Posted Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 2010