T/DG Announces Itself As A Hp "Implementer Partner" For Hp Products & Solution...

HP has worked with partners around the globe to offer the broadest portfolio of solutions to their customers. HP recognizes the immense value of the solutions, services and expertise that its partners bring to shared clients. In particular, HP recognizes the knowledge with which its partners serve specific markets and audiences. HP is committed to providing the tools and information that support partner business models and priorities.

Through participating and collaborating with HP in the HP Partner Program, TDG is able to offer industry leading applications, technologies and service portfolios while competitively addressing the growing needs of our clients. Over the years, the HP Partner Program has assembled the most talented and driven partners to fulfill the service providers' journey to reducing the time-to-market of next-generation services and boosting revenues while increasing operational efficiencies. By joining the HP Partner Program TDG is able to get businesses moving faster by collaborating with and enabling clients to put their most attractive, ready-to-deploy applications to market. Our clients benefit through this program by:

  • Gaining access to an expanding portfolio of HP ready to deploy services
  • Enabling existing HP and related 3rd party applications to quickly become IMS-ready, thus protecting existing investments
  • Putting the best, most viable and ready-to-deploy applications into the clients hands
  • Reducing the technical risk associated with rolling out new services

As an HP Partner, The Digital Group can provide access to some of the most innovative technology trends emerging in the market today. HP provides specialized services for information management/storage, Business Intelligence Solution builders, Power and Energy reduction programs (Green IT), infrastructure management offerings, and more. These programs offer content as well as benefits and services which help The Digital Group to build right fit, efficient solutions for our client’s businesses. TDG is committed to providing our clients with a competitively priced engagement model while fostering an environment of mutual benefit through consistent focus on efforts and efficiencies. The HP Partner and Specialization programs allow us to continue that pursuit, while earning and maintaining our clients' trust along the way.

Posted Date:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008