T/DG To Assist SPBEA - Fiji In PQR Software...

Excerpts from the SPBEA - Fiji Newsletter Apr 2011:
ICT Development

"The Accreditation Unit has secured the assistance of The Digital Group (TDG) in developing the PQR software and database. The Digital Group, with its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey was incorporated in 1999. It is a global company with over 450 professionals providing technology and management consulting services and solutions, with offices in the US, India, Fiji and Australia.

Several meetings have been convened with the TDG representatives in Fiji and a Design Document is being developed. This document will provide details on the operations in terms of data capture, reports and interface with each country’s software system. A Software Requirements Specification document will also be developed.

TDG representatives will visit a few of the Pacific countries that have developed qualifications frameworks to assess the interface between their database and that for the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards.

A pilot of the operational policies and procedures and the software is scheduled for July to November 2011."

Posted Date:
Friday, May 6, 2011