The T/DG Re-Designs The Website For The Secretariat Of Pacific Community & National Centre Of Small & Medium Enterprises Development.

Secretariat of the Pacific Community has served the people of the Pacific for more than six decades. Over this time, our region has seen enormous social and political change. It is still a region of diverse and dynamic communities and cultures, but it has also become part of the global community – with all the impacts that globalization implies.

Like developing countries everywhere, Pacific Island countries and territories are striving to manage their natural resources, educate their young populations, provide good health care, and give people the opportunity to earn decent livelihoods. But they face many challenges including the extreme remoteness of some islands, scarce resources, small populations and emigration of skilled people. There are also new threats, such as the very high vulnerability of the region to the projected effects of climate change.

Working in partnership with our 26 members and with regional and international agencies, SPC assists the people of the region by delivering a wide range of technical, research, educational and planning services. This work is guided by SPC’s corporate plan for the 2007–2012 period, which is based on three pillars:

  • Focus on member priorities
  • Strategic engagement at the international, regional and national level
  • Strategic positioning of the organization

National Centre of Small and Medium Enterprises Development –website development (CMS) using JOOMLA NCSMED was established in 2002 by government, to support and promote the establishment of small and micro enterprises especially for disadvantaged groups, including women and youth, support enterprise development and its viability, provide entrepreneurship and business management training and facilitate access to funds for small & micro enterprises.

Entrepreneurs are assisted in the following ways:

  • Business and technical training
  • Business cluster development
  • Market linkage and seed funding
  • Advocacy and institutional support for businesses

The Centre currently operates Business Incubation Centres in Suva and Ra. The main goal of the Business Incubation Centres is to encourage the development of new businesses within the local community. By assisting a local entrepreneur to start a business in the area, the community is likely to benefit from an increase in the number of available jobs in the area, and the additional revenue it brings to the area as a result of the new business activities. Both elements can help revitalize the local economy and enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in the area.

Assistance to new businesses in the form of free office space, telephone, internet, business and technical training, business mentoring, market linkage, and seed funding are offered by the Business Incubation Centres operated by the Centre.

Posted Date:
Thursday, July 15, 2010