The Digital Group Launches a Path-Breaking Solution for Knowledge Discovery Over Large and Complex Unstructured Content

Princeton, NJ 25th Jan - The Digital Group (T/DG), certified SEI-CMMi Level 5 company, announces the launch of 3RDi Enterprise Search Suite. It's a path breaking solution aimed at enterprises and content-centric organizations for managing all their search needs.

About 3RDi Enterprise Search Suite

In this new era where everything is about time and accuracy, the content centric organizations are facing multiple challenges to meet users evolving search needs and rising expectations. T/DG's 3RDi provides an answer to these. It's a powerful product, tackling aspects like unstructured content, semantic enrichment, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, smart search, information analysis, data & text analytics using its Cloud API, named Retina. It exploits the unstructured content to yield an intelligent search and discovery solution. It even comes pre-configured with certain thesauri and taxonomies to help you jump start on semantic-enabled systems. Next, it automates relevancy management and search validation which is huge for maintaining search accuracy. Further, 3RDi's advanced analytics gives you actionable insights to boost your business. With all these features and more, 3RDi is truly set to revolutionize the enterprise search and discovery solutions.


Demo is available immediately worldwide in English, with ready to use High Speed Apache Solr Talend Plugins designed and developed by T/DG Team for faster data transfer between Solr and other data sources.

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Posted Date:
Monday, Jan 25, 2016