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Have you ever reached a destination only to realize that you have no place to park? Is your phone cluttered with multiple unused restaurant suggestion and map apps?

Here's an app you have been waiting for!

T/DG's Discover Places lets users explore local restaurants, parking spaces and much more in real time. Whether you need to see the reviews for a specific restaurant or you need find a gas station close by, the app's interactive map gives you all the information you need and also lets you save it offline.

  • Find nearby
  • Restaurants
  • Parkings
  • Gas Stations
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Maps integrated with local info

With the new Discover Places app, you don't have to juggle between multiple navigation/restaurant listing apps. This app will provide you with a route, the distance, the time needed to reach the chosen destination and reviews if needed. You can view all of this on the map or in the form of a list.

Real time exploration

Finding out information 'on the go' was never this simple! Don't spend too much time researching about a new area, just step out with the Discover Places app and let it help you like a trusted guide. From timings and contact details to reviews and directions, get it all on one platform in real time.

View your favorites offline

The Discover Places app allows you to save your favorite destinations offline so that you can revisit them anytime. This means you spend lesser time searching and more time exploring new places. You can also share your location details with your friends and family via email, WhatsApp or text.

Look Inside
  • Ease of use and a clean interactive interface
  • Customizable viewing options: Map and List
  • Adjustable radius for an accurate and relevant search
  • Informative navigation tool with real time updates as you move
  • Help and FAQs to resolve your queries
  • Find nearby Restaurants, Parking, Gas Stations
  • Real time discovery of Restaurants around you on Map
  • Real time discovery of Parking around you on Map
  • Real time discovery of Gas Stations around you on Map
  • View list of places and share details with your friends and family
  • Know the Distance and Route from your location to destination
  • Know the timings/ Reviews/ Contact Details of any place
  • Save places & details for future & offline references
Discover places
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The latest version of the app comes with added support for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5cv. The app is also compatible with iPads.

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