• Maintains and keeps track of ERP requests, approvals, and reassignments etc.
  • Minimizes chances of missing calendar events as Helpdesk is always in sync with Outlook
  • Customized request form structure makes it simple to submit all kinds of requests
  • Dashboard expedites the process of approvals
  • Effectively creates, allocates and tracks development of the tasks with status checks
  • Document Management with version history management
  • Email notifications for any modifications in document
  • Facility to send feedback on tasks performed

Technical Features:

Smart Dashboard
  • Top & Left Navigation Panels with access controls
  • View Announcements
  • View Events (Synchronized with your Outlook)
  • ERP Request assigned to user
  • Task allocated to user with status count
Add Announcements and Events
  • Facility to Add Announcements/Events.
  • Events can be synchronized with Outlook
  • Set expiry date for events and announcements
ERP Service Desk to manage ERP request
  • Support various types of request
  • Facility to select approver from the predefined group of users
  • Faster approval of requests, as they are visible on the approver's dashboard
  • Facility to reassign request to other person
  • Facility to view all the requests of the user and export to excel
  • Service desk dashboard to display all the requests created by and assigned to a particular user
Task management
  • Creation and assignment of task
  • Task dashboard to display all the tasks assigned by and assigned to user
  • Facility to update the status of the task as per its progress
  • Facility to view all the tasks of the user and export to excel
Document Management
  • Upload and manage the documents
  • Facility to upload multiple documents at a time
  • Check In / Check Out functionality helps in version management and control
  • Edit documents in their respective editor
  • Set the alerts for modifications
  • Email document URL
  • Download documents
  • Provide feedback for particular request
  • Feedback for responsiveness, technical ability and effectiveness
  • View feedback of the request catered by you