• Quick deployment and easy to learn software
  • Smart and advanced application that caters to the enterprise level needs such as announcements, Events, Employee Info, Asset Tracking, Meeting/ conference rooms & Transportation bookings… It provides enhanced resource management capabilities to the employee Capability of sharing information. It additionally manages content which is both common in nature and the privileged one, in single entity
  • Keeps everybody informed through alerts & broadcasting
  • The iClip Smart Rendering feature enables the user to do basic file editing in the browser itself without opening those files in their native software like Word / Excel / Power Point etc.
  • Enhanced the power of SharePoint with added features & advantage of competitive pricing
  • SmartList provides file Storage facility at common locations with Credential Based Access and with an alert highlighting changes to the Document Owner


A Smart and New Way to Enterprise:

To gain & maintain competitive edge, work to enhance enterprise performance while reducing the operational cost at the same time. This can be achieved only through enterprise wide collaboration. IntraPrise™ surpasses your expectations from a collaboration platform by delivering more. It's a fast deployable Intranet Solution with iClip – a user friendly Research Assistant and Smart List – an excellent smart solution providing an edge over the regular spreadsheets. This unique blend of features is its forte which provides a formidable player by your side.

IntraPrise™, built on SharePoint Foundation 2010, offers you the best value at competitive pricing. As a quick start model, it comes with a workspace template for speedy site creation for each sphere or projects. IntraPrise™ offers various applications like Library, Discussion Forums, Multiple RSS Feeds, etc. along with several other benefits.

iClip helps you to clip your research work that comprises both online as well as offline information. You can enjoy freedom of rendering and editing the files without installing relevant softwares on your machine for e.g. MS Word. It represents all the proficiencies of SharePoint foundation by allowing users to use features like Check-In, Check-Out, Version Maintenance, etc.

Smart List is next generation Spread Sheet solution that transforms the way information is stored & shared. It provides login based access to data in rows & columns. Smart List helps you save time on duplicating efforts of setting system alerts. You can also set alerts for changes with cell level versioning & historical data.

With prompt commissioning & exceptional ROI, IntraPrise™ is a new way to enterprise


Technical Features:
Enhanced Synergy Project/Department specific workspaces, Library, RSS Feeds, Discussion Forum, Quick Links, Broadcasting
Role Based Security User Based access to sites & links, Group Security Policy, Individual Security Policy
Enhanced Efficiency Smart Alerts Section, Outlook Synchronization, Explorer View
Resource Management Asset Tracking, Conference Room Booking, Transport Vehicle Booking
Workflow Management Announcement and Event Approval Workflows
People Management Personal Information management, Organization Chart, Phone Book, Today's Birthdays

Key Benefits:

  • Drives down the Collaboration Costs
  • Excellent ROI Product
  • Flexible solution that develops with you
  • Manage Enterprise wise Event & Announcement Broadcasting
  • Enhance & Engage employees across the enterprise
  • Configurable access for secured content sharing
  • Receive alerts on your dashboard


Technical Features:
Convenient Product Design Drag and Drop almost everything from files, folders to webpage, images and even messages, clip the information as you research it
Internet Independent Access As it saves all the data and not just link, you don't need internet to access the content every time you visit this clip
Smart Document Warehousing With the Explorer View you can manage folders & connect to existing folders for data storage
File Management Features Since the solution is built on SharePoint Foundation 2010, it comes with all Out-of-Box Features like Check-in, Check-out, Version Management automatically
Rendering & Editing Platform independent file rendering & editing

Smart List

Technical Features:
Information Security Define Secure Column, Define Groups / Individuals, Provide row / column access based on Login
Flawless Alert Scheduling Define Smart Date & receive advanced indication through alerts in your mailbox & dashboard, saves your time on Outlook
Attach files to a Record Attach any number of files to single record, manage data smartly
Smart Version Management Maintains versioning at cell level

Key Benefits:

  • No need to create separate excel sheets for each user group / each person based on role of a person.
  • Zero duplication efforts and Non Productive Work.
  • Automated version management.
  • Absolutely no chance of miscommunication and confusion.
  • Effortless Data Management.
  • Permission based Access to Documents.
  • Version Management & Notification at Cell Level.
  • Easy to assign more files for individual records.
  • No need to create separate alerts in your calendar, Smart Date Column does it for you automatically.