• Recording time in a timesheet, made easier and faster
  • Maintains a record of employee's time spent on different projects
  • Calculates actual cost of project and compares it with planned cost, which helps to increase profitability
  • Resource utilization on a given project
  • Resource management made easy by creating allocation list and assignment of team/resources
  • Provides information about resources
  • Provides role based security
  • Saves time by exporting various reports in your desired format


It becomes difficult to keep a track of status of work, which is crucial to deliver projects on time and bill your client accordingly, especially when you are dealing with multiple projects and clients. Monitoring the performance of the projects, helps in taking corrective measures at the right time. If you have all past project data, you can plan your new projects in a better way. You will be in a position to deploy adequate resources, estimate time and cost appropriately.

Senior management also needs a holistic view of company's performance to ensure that client is happy with the quality of work and they are billed accurately.

Pulse.Time™ helps manage projects, resources and clients efficiently.

Pulse.Time™ allows Project Managers to get the data they need to deliver projects on time and within budget – while avoiding billing delays.

Project Managers can make smarter decisions with all the data and real – time project status made available to them. This feature also enables them to manage the projects and take necessary steps to mitigate risks, without actually getting into unmanageable situations.

Senior management is able to ensure proper resource utilization, effective project delivery, and on-time, accurate billing across the organization.

Technical Features:

Resource allocation and management
  • Easy resource management with the help of tree and grid view
  • Quick Addition of resources
  • Group creation, sharing and adding members to the group
  • Management of business partner's resources
  • Facility to search resource by name
  • View and manage tasks of a particular resource
  • Activate and deactivate resources
  • Create allocation sheet and allocate resource
  • Calculation of actual and budgeted cost

Easy to use timesheet

  • Facility to enter timesheet for daily, weekly and recurring tasks
  • Email notification if timesheets are not filled
  • Compliance notification
  • View recent task
  • View reports of timesheet entry

Rate chart

  • Set Solution and staffing rates
  • Define role rates, to bill, based on the type of work being done
  • Set different rates for offshore, off-site and onsite
  • Set resource wise staffing rate for a given period
  • Facility to activate and deactivate resource and modify rates

Real time Reports

  • Standard reports
  • Filter data by date range, client, project, user, or location you choose
  • Monthly, Weekly and daily forms of time tracking
  • Resource wise, Project wise, Compliance wise
  • Modification of search criteria, resource group selection to narrow down the search
  • Facility to export reports to Excel
  • Reports output differs by access rights
  • Report to notify expiration of rate code
  • Project wise Invoice generation and processing


  • Define and manage organization
  • Define timesheet approver for a given organization
  • Facility to add associated people and organization to the project
  • Project and task level categorization
  • Define cost center and line of business