Information & DataSecurity Audits

Why Your Organization Needs Information & Data Security Audits

With hackers, viruses and other forms of security breaches on the rise, organizations are facing a constant threat to the security of their sensitive data like never before. The massive implications of the breaches in data security have forced organizations to undertake necessary measures to prevent them and keep their data secure.

Challenges that organizations face when it comes to information and data security.
  • Weak Security
  • Unauthorized Access and Remote Access
  • Inaccurate Information
  • Incomplete or untimely processing
  • Inadequate Training and Support
  • Roadblocks in enhancing control over data and achieving higher levels of data security

We Help You Create a Security Benchmark for Your Organization

The Digital Group (T/DG) offers comprehensive data security assessment and information security consulting services that facilitate the evaluation of information flow – where it is stored and who has access to it. We comprehend the significance of information and data security audits in your enterprise and our experts carry out vital examination of the information flow and secured access to it.

Overview of the information security management process.

Information Risk Assessment Risk Mitigation Security Implementation & Management
Gap Analysis Information Security Policies Information security awareness training
Network Risk Analysis Disaster Recovery Plan Training/testing for DRP
Vulnerability Assessment Recommendation for mitigation Manages security services
Physical Security Preview Roadmap for security Implementation Implantation training for process and policies
Network Penetration Test Contingency Plan Security architecture
Information Assets Profiling
Application Security Test

Our data and information security auditing services comprise of security audit, security compliance, security monitoring, event analysis, forensic analysis and penetration testing.

How We Can Help You Mitigate Risks with Industry Best Practices

  • Analyze the "Privacy" and "Information Security" requirements that affect the organizational growth.
  • Evaluate current legal and regulatory issues, including government mandates on privacy.
  • Ensure data breach security notification laws are implemented.
  • Implement information security and conduct detailed analysis of the risk involved in sharing or exchanging the information within the enterprise.
  • Provide practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions to maximize secured data.
  • Chalk out step-by-step plans and a comprehensive approach to undertake the Information and Data Security Audits.
  • Examine the applicable technologies and develop process and data flows to be used as the process blueprint for facilitating improvements.
  • Describe and create enforcement procedures and establish appropriate actions for further improvement.

Why Choose us for your Information and Data Security Audit Services

  • A cost-effective solution that offers the development of controls and security of the applications before the systems are implemented into a production environment.
  • Internal information audit experts assist organizations in information risk assessment and to focus on the critical information risks that impact the bottom line of their operations.
  • Enhanced information reliability with a minimum-risk data protection strategy that is aligned to your business requirements.
  • Integrated and secured data protection road map to achieve unified information access.
  • Identification of the areas where data resides and how it is used to limit data loss.


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