The pace of technology innovation gives rise to new challenges for organizations that manage software assets throughout their life cycles. Software Asset Management (SAM) is a critical aspect of a successful information technology domain. The Digital Group aces up against competition in this domain as a professional services firm with access to an extensive network. We recognize the organizational struggle with software asset management and offer strategic solutions to overcome those challenges.

We have universally certified Professionals and a trained SAM team to assist you. Our SIIA (Software Information Industry Association) Certified Software Manager, Certified Professional SAM, Six Sigma certified Professionals will be more than happy to support you in achieving your business goals.

Software Asset Management Portfolio

Software Asset Management Portfolio
What Digital Group provides

The Digital Group exhibits some exceptional Licensing and Software Asset Management services. The comprehensive SAM strategy adopted by the Digital Group experts is as follows:

  • License Review and Documentation: Focused review, detailing and documentation of your corporate software licenses.
  • Audit of Installed Software and Hardware Base: Point by point review of all computers to determine and document precisely what applications are configured on the corporate systems as well as the specific configurations of each hardware asset.
  • Analysis and Reconciliation: Asset management personnel reconcile software ownership with installed base. At this point of time, we identify any potential under or over licensed applications. We can also make recommendations to modify ownership to make it fully comply with accurate needs.
  • Software Asset Management Systems:Asset management professionals work with your management team to identify any sources of potential system tools to monitor and track configurations and license agreements.
  • Implementation Services: Asset management professionals assist internal personnel in implementing new software asset management applications.
  • Invoice Reconciliation: We make sure that you get the precise service and support you pay for by reconciling your invoicing with your latest inventory.
  • Software License Optimization: Reduce the risk and cost of a software audit while improving the service delivered to end users.

Software License Optimization Flow

Software License Optimization Flow
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced understanding of software usage and value
  • Gain control on licensing of software
  • Efficient software maintenance
  • Improved buying decisions and negotiating power
  • Improved system security, data integrity and data security
  • Lower costs and greater efficiency.