Most enterprise systems are within the corporate firewall and not easily accessible. For large corporations, in-house enterprise systems is a primary choice, however, some may prefer to host a part of their business on private, public or (public-private) hybrid cloud. The Digital Group has the expertise to integrate these varied systems or applications to achieve integration of diverse data.

Business Challenges

When system needs to communicate with each other and deliver information on to a newly built systems, system variations introduce complexities during integration. For example, if a mobile application needs to give end user or customer the most current status of an order, it requires custom integration with order processing system on the ERP platform. Customer feedback goes into Salesforce on a private cloud, pages and products. The customer visits or purchases goes into cloud analytical systems. All this information needs to be collated in a presentable fashion on web enabled devices. Integration of information is for internal use (for executives, marketing and sales) and external use – attracting customers with offers and recommendations , hence well-connected systems are required that can scale and perform integration of this information.

What Digital Group provides

The Digital Group evaluates and assesses the right set of tools and framework to implement the integration solutions to bridge corporate systems with external systems in a secure manner. Some integrations may require mass data movement within or across the systems and from one business unit to another. We design and implement data transfer services using wide array of options -build custom integration solution, ETL workflows or using appropriate and compatible data platform solutions as per customer needs. We also recommend these if customer is unsure of choices available. We design and architect LOB integration in most optimal way to reduce point failures in the integration pipeline. We help organizations integrate their evolving systems and applications with enterprise systems.

Key Benefits
  • Insight Trends: Access broad range of Sales business intelligence that helps to identify sales trend.
  • Access Information anywhere and anytime: Enabling staff to find the Information within the application they use every day, which enhances the productivity.
  • Mobile Access: View sales data from any device including order quotes, revenue trends (Current and History), invoice data, etc.
  • Precise Account and Contact Information: All information are accurately synced between ERP systems and databases, giving quick access to key contacts whether you are at work or on Road.
  • Get Alerts on Critical tasks: Automated Alerts let you know if key prospect placed an order and view list of past orders.
  • 360 degree Access: Have 360 degree viewing of all Accounts which includes opportunities, alerts, emails, location tracking etc.
  • Visibility and Transparency: Executives can have clear visibility of consolidated view of sales, giving landscape view across territory, region and whole organization.
  • Analyze Sales: Understanding High Analysis of profit margins and Sales. Ability to look into current sales and also have access to history with info graphs and data visualization.
  • Increase Sales: Identifying Gap Analysis and increasing Sales.