The Digital Group is an Industry leader in Enterprise Solutions. We, at T/DG always endeavor to offer accurate, suitable and cost-effective solutions to enhance enterprise productivity and quality. The Digital Group Enterprise Solution allows the enterprises to gain performance, flexibility and efficiency by adopting to the constant changes in the market.

Business Challenges

  • The enterprises have diversified their business procedures. Perhaps, it is difficult to integrate all the data as enterprises are available in different locations, have different procedures and adopt to varied technologies like mobile solutions, web-based application, internet, e-commerce, etc.
  • It is difficult to integrate different systems performing varied functionalities
  • The various applications are used in enterprises to collaborate different business units. The main challenge faced by organizations is to offer innovative and modified system integrated services to achieve business objectives.
  • It is challenging to design and develop cost-effective and customized system-integrated software in order to integrate different hardware, software and business units.
  • The numerous IT systems available in the enterprises result in inefficiencies, confusion and fragmented flow of processes.
What Digital Group provides

The Digital Group facilitates end-to-end Enterprise Solutions that provide value for an enterprise not just by incorporating technology but also by integrating business processes and streamlining procedures. Enterprise Solution encompasses industry vertical specific processes as a part of their built-in functionality.

integrated enterprise solutions software

T/DG Enterprise Solutions & Services


  • The Digital Group provides E-business solution that focuses on empowering and transforming business process to gain productivity and quality.
  • We, at T/DG have capabilities and talent to accomplish your business needs by providing innovative and modified electronic business via its Web-based application offerings.
  • The E-business solution evolves and converts the traditional business strategies with innovative internet technologies.


  • Line of business (LOB) applications represent a company's operational software that is responsible for vital internal and external business deliverables.
  • The LOB Applications at Digital group connect multiple systems and business units of an organization and traditionally evolve and mature with the passage of time.
  • The Digital Group applies distinctive practices and expertise to plan, develop, and test the integrated business processes and system environment.
  • Our offerings in this segment integrates the organizational business requirements with cutting edge technology in a transparent and efficient way.


  • The Digital Group builds integrated computing systems for varied clients by combining hardware and software products of varied functionalities.
  • T/DG experts thrive to develop system integrated software to meet business objectives with quick results. These solutions are definitely cheap, customized and innovative.


The Enterprise Solution offered by The Digital Group offers following benefits:

  • Transforms the traditional business strategies with technology based and innovative strategies that accomplish business goals
  • It improvises operational efficiency, productivity and quality
  • The Enterprise Solution facilitates better decision making capabilities for the Managers and Business Executives.
  • It is a proven and robust solution that encompasses modern technological innovations to satisfy changing needs and requirements of business
  • The Enterprise Solution aims to maximize benefits and helps manage risk.