The E-Business solution has transformed the traditional approach to accomplish business procedures and facilitates the business process electronically. The Digital Group analyses the need to have E-Business solution that is aligned and integrated according to the business needs. The Digital Group has the expertise and capabilities to `provide customized and web-based E-Business solution that facilitates streamlining process and integrated business operations. We offer E-Business solution that suits the business requirements and adopts fluctuating needs of clients.

Business Challenges
  • The greatest challenge faced by the enterprises is to change the traditional form of business into modern high-tech technologies
  • Organizations find it crucial to implement e-commerce, m-commerce or web-based e-Business solution. Perhaps, it requires high expertise and knowledge to endeavor web-based applications to have integrated business structure.
  • Integration of all the business procedures with innovative solution is another major challenge faced by enterprises.
  • It is crucial to follow business tasks from anywhere, anytime, and with desired access and security.
What Digital Group provides

The Digital Group experts contribute to your business success by adopting the power of electronic business via its Web-based application offerings. The experts at Digital Group have the desired talent to provide innovative solutions using a wide range of platforms that can be run remotely or locally using "the web browser".


The Legal domain-centric Web Application solution provided by The Digital Group is designed as a flexible and user-friendly Portfolio Management System. It allows to file, order or search:

  • UCC Filings
  • Corporate charters
  • Flood details
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real property filings
  • Flood determinations
  • Tax liens
  • Judgments and assumed/fictitious names.

Eventually, this solution transforms your desktop into a flexible, web-based UCC management center that includes UCC filing preparation, document ordering and the online search process.

  • The Mortgage domain-centric Web Application is designed as a Mortgage Recordation application software & Portfolio Management System which gives you extreme flexibility in controlling your portfolio.
  • It acts as a web-based work management center that enables easy access and storage.
  • The entire input data and results are reflected in your portfolio and easily shared with other parties involved in a recording transaction.

The customized E-Business solutions provided by The Digital Group have following benefits:

  • Erratically rise in productivity
  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces time-spent
  • Boosts accuracy and efficiency

In other words, our E-Business Solutions empower the enterprises to thrive and excel in the functional domain of UCC filing, Mortgage Recordation, Public Records Searching and Monitoring Services.