Line of Business (LOB) applications represent a company's operational software that is responsible for vital internal and external business deliverables. These are critical computer applications that are vital for effective running of an enterprise. Digital Group is a leader in Line of Application Development and Deployment. We, at T/DG apply knowledge and expertise across the consulting team, the software development process and the project management process to deliver quality applications.

Business Challenges
  • To efficiently run the organization, it is ideal to develop and maintain a common system
  • There is a need of customized application system to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting applications.
What does The Digital group provide?

We deploy best engineering practices to help eliminate technical debt; thus, reducing operational & maintenance costs for organizations. Our LOB Application Development offerings has the below mentioned key characteristics.

  • Interactive - Interactive by nature, data are fed and results/reports are returned.
  • Compassable - They tend to have one or more parts that compose the interface and may interact with each other if required.
  • Data driven - They are data intensive and access the database frequently.
  • Integrated - They are integrated with other systems.
  • Extensible - They often support add-ons or plug-ins to make deployment easier.
Key Strengths
  • These applications may connect multiple systems and business units of an organization and traditionally evolve and mature with the passage of time.
  • Our offerings in this segment integrates the organizational business requirements with cutting edge technology in a transparent and efficient way.