A Celebration of Togetherness At T/DG - Ganapati Utsav 2023

Sep 29 2023

On the auspicious day of 19th September 2023, The Digital Group embarked on a joyous journey of devotion and celebration, marking the beginning of Ganesh Utsav.

Embracing Freedom with Tricolor: The Digital Group's Independence Day 2023 Celebrations at Pyramid Premises

Aug 17 2023

With a heart full of patriotism and enthusiasm, T/DG marked the 76th Independence Day on August 14th and 15th, 2023. The two-day celebration resonated with the spirit of unity, freedom, and national pride.

International Women's Day celebrated with fun, games, music, cake and free gifts at T/DG on 8th March 2023

Mar 10 2023

The celebration of International Women's Day can offer encouragement, highlight accomplishments, and motivate study groups to keep up the pressure on for genuine gender equality.

The 74th Republic Day was Celebrated at T/DG with Great Excitement

Jan 30 2023

The Republic Day celebration at the office was a great way to kick off the new year and acted as an icebreaker for everyone, which improved everyone's mood and sense of teamwork.

Christmas 2022 at T/DG Office was Celebrated with A Lot of Fun Games and Energy

Dec 27 2022

When Christmas generates exuberant enthusiasm and delight, T/DG seeks to match employees' energy. You have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill when the fun is filled in the atmosphere.

Diwali celebrations at T/DG in Oct 2022 Included Various Online Events and a Lot of Passion

Oct 20 2022

There are few events, holidays, or subjects that are interesting to all employees and make the difficult chore of getting them away from their workstations simple.

Celebrations of Ganesh Utsav at T/DG Included Many Games and lots of Fervor

Sep 12 2022

On August 31, 2022, Ganesh Utsav celebrations started and continued for 9 days. After the celebration of Ganesh Utsav and Visarjan, the festivities at T/DG came to an end.

The Digital Group participated with excitement in supporting the "Har Ghar Tiranga" Campaign on the 76th Independence Day

Aug 19 2022

On the occasion of the 76th Independence Day, the Culture Ministry of the Government of India had run a "Har Ghar Tiranga" Campaign, in which they had appealed to all Indians to post their picture with a Flag on the website after clicking the "Upload Selfie with Flag Button".

The 76th Independence Day was Celebrated with Much Enthusiasm at The Digital Group (T/DG) with Various Activities

Aug 16 2022

On August 15, 2022, India marked 75 years of independence. Undoubtedly, the innumerable sacrifices made by the nation's liberation warriors are what give this day its significance.

International Women's Day Celebrations @ T/DG 2022

Mar 11 2022

On the event of International Women’s Day (8th March), The Digital Group organized a Talk Show event.

Felicitations for the Digital Thoughts Bloggers 2021

Jan 20 2022

The year 2021 was yet another year of working from our homes and it witnessed us evolve into professionals who are now familiar with remote work, online meetings and online trainings and also enjoy connecting with our team mates over coffee online!

2021 Sees Digitalites Attend a Remote Session on Healthy Eating

Dec 20 2021

In times of remote work, when most professionals around the world, especially across certain sectors, are working from home, managing their professional commitments and family time, there is very little scope to focus on staying healthy.

Digitalites Explore Benefits of Mindfulness in a Remote Session 2021

Nov 24 2021

In the current times when devastation brought in by the pandemic has already had a significant impact on people's mental health, it is very crucial for each one of us to ensure that we work towards destressing ourselves.

Session on Vaccination Effectiveness for the Digitalites 2021

Oct 22 2021

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc in our lives and affected us in so many ways. It was only after the vaccination was introduced in early 2021, that people could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Remote Session on Healthy Eating During Festivals @ T/DG 2021

Sep 21 2021

Festivals are that time of the year when all of us come together with our family members and enjoy beautiful moments of happiness and joy.

Together the Digitalites Fight Against Covid

Sep 13 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a serious threat to the lives and well-being of people around the world, not to mention the impact on the economy as a whole.

Felicitations for the Digital Thoughts Bloggers 2020

Feb 11 2021

The year 2020 was a lot about discovery, as the world discovered how to keep the pandemic at bay and we all discovered new ways to work, to interact with friends and family, to keep ourselves engaged during the long spells of self-isolation, and so much more.

Celebrating a Year of Successful Remote Work as Digitalites

Jan 21 2021

Remember the last time you were at your office desk? It has been almost a year of remote work now, and this is slowly becoming the "new norm". However, the year 2020 was not easy, especially the initial months.

Celebrating Diwali 2020 in Times of Remote Work

Nov 23 2020

This Diwali, as the entire T/DG team was working remotely, the HR planned virtual events and competitions to celebrate the spirit of Diwali in spite of the social distancing norms.

Women's Day @ T/DG 2020

Mar 9 2020

Good health is the greatest gift, said Lord Buddha and this thought was beautifully reflected in the event organized by The Digital Group on the occasion of the International Women's Day this year.

Celebrating Christmas 2019 @ T/DG

Dec 26 2019

It was that time of the year again when the entire world was celebrating the spirit of love, joy and happiness. Yes, it was Christmas time and the Digitalites were really enthusiastic in celebrating Christmas on 24th Dec 2019 in the premises of the Pyramid Building in Hinjewadi, Pune.

Diwali Celebrations @ T/DG 2019

Nov 6 2019

The numerous diyas placed all around were the harbinger of the much-awaited Diwali celebrations at The Digital Group. The soft golden gleam of the diyas as well as the string of fairy lights that were used to decorate the campus, added to the festive aura of the evening.

Digitalites Donate for Flood Relief in Sangli, 2019

Aug 16 2019

The employees of The Digital Group came together to contribute towards relief operations for the flood hit regions in the district of Sangli in Maharashtra.

Tree Plantation Drive @ T/DG 2019

Aug 3 2019

Planting a tree is an easy yet effective way to make a positive impact on the environment. Today, when rise in global warming is a reality, our planet needs more trees than ever.

Women's Day Celebrations @ T/DG 2019

Mar 8 2019

The occasion of International Women's Day witnessed the women employees of The Digital Group come together and have lots of fun on the premises of the Pyramid Building in Hinjewadi, Pune.

Digitalites Participate in Mass Donation Drive for Manavya - 2019

Jan 21 2019

"We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give." With this thought on our minds, we had organized a mass Donation Drive at T/DG on January 2019 for the NGO "Manavya" in Pune on the occasion of New Year. What better way to start the New Year than this!!

Mock Fire Drill 2018 - T/DG

Dec 6 2018

The Digital Group (T/DG) conducted a Mock Fire Drill in its Pyramid Building premises in Hinjewadi on 6th Dec 2018. The drill was carried out in accordance with the international standards of fire safety and focused on the safe evacuation of employees in case of an emergency.

Diwali Celebrations 2018 - T/DG

Nov 9 2018

It was an insightful afternoon for the students and professionals who had come together to be a part of the Free Intro Session on QARA Test - the complete Rapid Test Automation and Test Case Management tool developed by The Digital Group (T/DG).

Upcoming Training Program to Master Automation Testing in 45 Days

Feb 13 2018

What has generated substantial interest among software testing enthusiasts, is the Training Program on Automation Testing that is being organized by Auto-QED Software Services Pvt. Ltd., in association with The Digital Group (T/DG).

Session on QARA Test - a Next Gen Test Automation Tool in Pune

Nov 18 2017

It was an insightful afternoon for the students and professionals who had come together to be a part of the Free Intro Session on QARA Test - the complete Rapid Test Automation and Test Case Management tool developed by The Digital Group (T/DG).

Digitalites Sing to Retro Tunes!

Jul 26 2017

Digitalites experienced the perfect blend of music and fun as they participated in the 'Retro Karaoke' event held at the T/DG Pyramid Building premises in Hinjewadi on 26th July 2017.

Meetup on Test Automation by the Next-Gen Testers community

Mar 17 2017

The Next-Gen Testers group organized a Meetup to share and exchange knowledge on Test Automation with focus on QARA - an advanced Test Case Management tool developed by The Digital Group (T/DG).

Cricket fever takes over T/DG

Feb 21 2017

The answer to the question – Which is the most loved and watched sport in India? – unequivocally is CRICKET! Be it a yesteryear cricketer like Kapil Dev, a demi-god like Sachin, a firebrand like Ganguly,

T/DG Ovidians lead the Green Pune drive

Jul 4 2016

When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When is the next best time to plant a tree? NOW This is old saying but a 100% TRUE when it comes to planting trees.

Xpression 2015- Diwali Celebration

Nov 25 2015

XpressionS 2015- a dazzling event for Diwali celebration. Every year T/DG makes enormous efforts to put a spectacular Diwali event. This year it was much bigger and exciting.

T/DG Donation Drive For Nepal

Jun 9 2015

The country of Nepal was devastated by two massive earthquakes within a period of two weeks. Thousands were killed, countless others lost their homes and loved ones.

Cricket Mania At T/DG

Jan 30 2015

As we know cricket is a religion for some and for the most of the followers it's a "Mania" and during T/DG's Crick Mania 2015 we have witnessed this "Mania" in all the 16 participant teams.

Christmas 2014 At The Digital Group

Dec 24 2014

It is Time to be merry! This year T/DG celebrated Christmas with LTA - an esteemed client. What better souvenir than personalized T/DG sweatshirts.

Xpression 2014- Diwali Celebration

Oct 29 2014

Xpression 2014 was truly a memorable and a dazzling event. T/DG Celebrated Diwali by hunting treasure, surprise flash mob, dancing, posing for shutterbug and the much awaited Mr. & Ms. T/DG.

The Digital Group Donation Drive: Sep 2014

Oct 9 2014

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love", with this thought T/DG organized a mass Donation Drive during the Ganesh Utsav for the NGO Manavya in Pune.