Celebrating a Year of Successful Remote Work as Digitalites

Remember the last time you were at your office desk? It has been almost a year of remote work now, and this is slowly becoming the “new norm”. However, the year 2020 was not easy, especially the initial months. The advent of the pandemic meant that most employees across the globe had to switch to a remote mode of working, and that too within a week or so. It was the same at The Digital Group as we were conveyed the information about the spread of the pandemic and the norms on self-isolation and social distancing.

This month, we celebrated a year of remote work with a 'Selfie Contest' initiated by the HR team. The Digitalites have shared their smiling "remote work" selfies and here are some of them.

Celebrating a Year of Successful Remote Work as Digitalites

The HR team has been really innovative in keeping us all motivated and engaged, even though there was no scope for team activities. There have been numerous virtual events and competitions throughout the past year that have helped us stay connected, stay happy and rejoice in the spirit of being a Digitalite. We are grateful to the HR team for their initiatives.

The journey so far was insightful as we discovered new ways to carry out the regular tasks and the access to technology helped us a great deal. So, the need to collaborate and coordinate with our team members was taken care of by the sessions on MS Teams (Thanks Microsoft!). Our very own new age HR software – Digital HRMS – ensured that we could carry out basic HR activities remotely. Thanks to the Digital HRMS platform and the powerful mobile app, we could apply for leaves, enter task details on Timeport, check important details and even record our attendance, all of it while on the go and from any location on the planet!

Our Systems department did a great job of allocating systems to all the employees, along with other necessary infrastructure, and that too in record time! So, armed with our laptops and data cards, all of us Digitalites had set off on this unknown terrain of remote work, with no idea of what to expect and how long this would continue. However, one thing is for sure – nobody could imagine, even in their wildest dreams, that it would last for a year and even more!

Also, the initiatives of the Training team have been instrumental in helping us brush our skills and explore new ideas, which proved to be a rewarding experience! We had a number of informative sessions so far and there are a lot lined up for this year as well!

All in all, the previous year proved to be a wonderful experience for all the Digitalites, as we have overcome the challenges that had come up in the initial months, and today we are working efficiently as a team in spite of the remote work scenario.

Posted Date:
Thursday, Jan 21, 2021