Celebrations of Ganesh Utsav at T/DG Included Many Games and lots of Fervor

On August 31, 2022, Ganesh Utsav celebrations started and continued for 9 days. After the celebration of Ganesh Utsav and Visarjan, the festivities at T/DG came to an end. Since the T/DG team was operating in a hybrid mode, HR prepared online competitions and events to honor the festival. After all, it is a celebration that is enthusiastically observed in the Pyramid Building in Hinjewadi each year.

Employees seldom ever get the opportunity to socialize in most offices. Festivals have significance for any business. Everyone wants to engage and inspire their colleagues at work, and holiday festivities in the workplace are the ideal time to see this happen. Festive gatherings at work aid in dismantling established hierarchies and barriers. One of the historic occasions, when people are content to combine, is this one. Festive occasions uplift the spirits and disposition of the workforce.

All Digitalites celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with much enthusiasm. To ensure everything runs well, HR and the employers put a lot of work into decorating and cleaning the office space. Flowers and balloons were used to beautify the workplace space. All of the employers participated in the workplace decoration, and some also added flowers and lighting to the pandal to make it more eye-catching and lovelier. Ganesh Chaturthi is a joyful and revered holiday. The entire office staff put out the effort to make the office more attractive. In front of the spot where Ganapati Murti was inaugurated, everyone gathered. Aarti thali was adorned with sindoor and flowers.

Traditionally, Ganesh Chaturthi has been a neighborhood event that is frequently observed in homes and communal settings. These events provide a chance for team development and bonding for corporations. For 9 days, T/DG celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with a variety of events for its staff. It's also an opportunity to bring out the hidden potential of the employees. This also promotes team spirit and collaboration among the staff, which creates synergy.

Every Digitalites celebrated this year both at home and on company premises. T/DG enjoys the Ganesh Utsav every year with the entire team. There were many passionate participants in the events held both physically and digitally.

Many events such as

  • Best Ganpati decoration at home,
  • Fun games at the office and
  • Best Snap of the festival 2022

The series of virtual activities gave the Digitalites a fantastic platform to showcase their skills and ingenuity. Digitalites who celebrated Ganesh Utsav at home sent their pictures of the decorated idols for the ‘Best Ganapati Decoration at home” event.

Fun Games such as "Guess the Movie" from played song clips, "Let's Play with Colors" and "Mobile Tambola" were conducted virtually with participants present at home and office.

The Digitalites also sent snaps of the Ganapati Utsav they visited to participate in the Best Snap of the Festival.

The competition winners were selected by a panel of Digitalites. The winners of the various held events were declared.

Hearty Congratulations to all the winners.

The overall theme of this Ganesh Utsav was lovely to celebrate, as there was a lot of enjoyment and artistic expression from the Digitalites. Overall, this Ganesh Utsav was a memorable one since it focused on giving everyone at The Digital Group a special experience.

Posted Date:
Monday, Sep 12, 2022