Christmas 2022 at T/DG Office was Celebrated with A Lot of Fun Games and Energy

When Christmas generates exuberant enthusiasm and delight, T/DG seeks to match employees' energy. You have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill when the fun is filled in the atmosphere.

As the Digitalites dressed in red and white to celebrate Christmas this year, there were several fun games with a significant number of eager participants.

The day began with the decoration of the Christmas tree and the placement of nicely wrapped gifts.

Highlights of the Christmas Event:

  • Ice Breaker - Christmas balloon burst
  • Sip the Nip
  • Dumb charades
  • Snacks & Tea
  • Photos at the Selfie booth

Ice Breaker game was quite fun for both participants and viewers with balloons to be the burst of the opponent keeping their own intact. It started as a team game and ultimately there were individual few remaining as the winners. Sip the Nip was another fun activity where there were groups of participants each sipping the gems chocolates through straws and depositing them in glasses, the team finishing it early was the winner. There was also Dumbs Charade played among 4 teams and the team with more no. of guesses of the movie names became the winner.

Creative photographs at the photo booth with pals made it a day to remember! Christmas-themed picture accessories were set in a large tray next to the shining Christmas tree, and the Digitalites hurried in to utilize the decorations to take some amazing photos with their friends and teammates. Various Christmas-themed headbands, spectacle frames, and Santa headgear were eagerly adorned to capture some memorable photographs.

In the end, there were tea and snacks which everybody enjoyed while interacting with each other.

It was once again that time of year when the entire globe celebrated the spirit of love, joy, and pleasure. Yes, it was Christmas time, and the Digitalites were quite excited to celebrate on December 2022 at the premises of the Pyramid Building in Hinjewadi, Pune.

Posted Date:
Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022