Diwali celebrations at T/DG in Oct 2022 Included Various Online Events and a Lot of Passion

There are few events, holidays, or subjects that are interesting to all employees and make the difficult chore of getting them away from their workstations simple. One such holiday that every employee looks forward to is Diwali!

This year in Oct’22 T/DG celebrated Diwali with fun and enthusiasm.

India's biggest and most significant holiday of the year is Diwali, also known as Deepawali. The row of clay lamps (deep) that Indians light outside of their homes to represent the internal light that guards against spiritual darkness gave rise to the festival's name.

Diwali has developed into a national holiday that is celebrated by Indians. Regardless of the high-energy events, such as the Tambola, Art Exhibition, DIY paintings using Diyas, or Rangoli creation, everyone is beaming broadly. And why not? This celebration infuses the workplace with nonstop joy.

As a company, T/DG aims to match employees' energy when Diwali inspires unbridled enthusiasm and joy. You have a lot of obligations to carry out. This year, every Digitalite celebrated both at home and at work. Every year, T/DG celebrates Diwali with the entire crew. The activities that were organized both physically and digitally drew a large number of enthusiastic participants.

Diwali celebrations continued for a whole week and several events were conducted at The Digital Group by the HR team including:

  1. Online Tambola
  2. Online competition for Diya Paintings
  3. Online Rangoli Tournament
  4. Online Art Gallery

The sequence of online activities provided the Digitalites with a great platform to display their abilities and creativity. Digital nomads who celebrated Diwali at home took part in a variety of activities.

  • The Online Tambola was organized, with around 170 plus participants who showed their enthusiasm in great deal.

    There were several rounds with separate categories like:

    1. Early Five
    2. First Row/Top Row
    3. Second Row/ Middle Row
    4. Third Row/Bottom Row
    5. First, second and Third Full Houses

  • We had an online Diya designing competition where there were a lot of enthusiastic participants with their creativity.

    All participants showed their talents by beautifully painting and decorating regular earthen Diyas. Each was creative and beautiful in its own sense.

  • There was also an online Rangoli Competition with highly creative participants with various beautiful designs. Some of them were having 3D effects. Some Rangolis were innovative with scenic views. The family members were also encouraged to take part in the Rangoli making. Hats off to the participants who made the elaborate designs in a limited time.

    All the participants were showing so much enthusiasm and there were others who were encouraging them. Each event was conducted through Teams meetings and was nicely organized. One issue that we did have was picking the perfect Rangoli design and Diya design. None of us dared to select the finest since they were all so stunning, including the peacocks, Ganesha idols, Flowers, lotuses, and multicolored designs.

  • The Online Art Gallery literally stunned everyone. So many hidden talents were uncovered and some were just overwhelmingly beautiful. It was amusing to actually witness so much creativity and enthusiasm from the participants.

All the events organized by the HR team of The Digital Group were filled with fun and passion.

In the past years, our Diwali celebration has been our most memorable work experience.

Happy Diwali from all of us at T/DG, and may God keep you and your family safe as you celebrate this festival of joy.

Posted Date:
Thursday, Oct 20, 2022