Felicitations for the Digital Thoughts Bloggers 2021

The year 2021 was yet another year of working from our homes and it witnessed us evolve into professionals who are now familiar with remote work, online meetings and online trainings and also enjoy connecting with our team mates over coffee online! Talking about online activities, we even had to felicitate the winners of our Blogger of the Month campaign online last year. The Blogger of the Month is one of the campaigns run by the Marketing team of The Digital Group, and last year again we were happy to receive some really interesting blogs through this campaign!

There were blogs on a myriad of domains, right from trends in Digital Marketing, UI/UX and PHP development to cryptocurrency and steganography, we had it all. Here we take this opportunity to give a shout-out to the Digital Thoughts bloggers for contributing informative and insightful blogs for our readers throughout the year 2021.

Digital Thoughts Bloggers Wall of Fame 2021

We wanted to express our gratitude to our champion bloggers and congratulate them and so we have created this Wall of Fame just for the purpose!

The bloggers are Sachin Patil, Raviraj Majgaonkar, Ravindra Deshpande, Rahul Telang, Nitin Udasin, Pranav Kulkarni, Sumit Tiwari, Parag Mahajan and Renuka Tadpatrikar.

Felicitations for the Digital Thoughts Bloggers 2021

Interested to read their blogs? We have the details right here for your quick reference.

Sachin Patil
Blog Title: Top PHP Development Trends in 2021
Blog URL:
View: 1055

Raviraj Majgaonkar
Blog Title: Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Blog URL:
View: 482

Ravindra Deshpande
Blog Title: Top UI/UX Trends You Should Know in 2021
Blog URL:
View: 763

Rahul Telang
Blog Title: Top 6 Essential Skills for Every Scrum Master
Blog URL:
View: 628

Nitin Udasin
Blog Title: An Introduction to Tools for Monitoring Web Services & Applications
Blog URL:
View: 459

Pranav Kulkarni
Blog Title: Discover the Principles of User Interface Design
Blog URL:
View: 503

Sumit Tiwari
Blog Title: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency
Blog URL:
View: 665

Parag Mahajan
Blog Title: Explore Easy Steps to Walk towards Financial Independence
Blog URL:
View: 373

Renuka Tadpatrikar
Blog Title: An Introduction to the Basics of Steganography
Blog URL:
View: 532

To add more to the above details, these blogs are much liked and shared on social media and the views are increasing even as we write this.

We congratulate all our Bloggers once again! The blog submissions have really helped us cater to a larger audience and bring more readers to the Digital Thoughts blog. Get ready for the contest in Feb 2022 as you might be a winner this year! Keep Blogging…

Posted Date:
Thursday, Jan 20, 2022