The 74th Republic Day was Celebrated at T/DG with Great Excitement

The Republic Day celebration at the office was a great way to kick off the new year and acted as an icebreaker for everyone, which improved everyone's mood and sense of teamwork.

On January 25, 2023, Republic Day was enthusiastically observed at the Pune office. The National Anthem was played throughout the building, and everyone simply took part by standing up at their desks in honor of the National Anthem.

All employees were invited to dress in any of the three colors seen in the national flag as part of the day's tri-color theme.

On such a historic occasion, the office was decked with tricolor balloons and the Indian flag's three colors.


The atmosphere became patriotic due to such a wonderful event. Sweets were given out to everyone in the company to celebrate the day. The Republic Day event was an outstanding endeavor to cheer up the workforce, value our nation, and stoke our patriotism.

Posted Date:
Monday, Jan 30, 2023