Upcoming Training Program to Master Automation Testing in 45 Days

What has generated substantial interest among software testing enthusiasts, is the Training Program on Automation Testing that is being organized by Auto-QED Software Services Pvt. Ltd., in association with The Digital Group (T/DG). During the 45 Days program, students and professionals will learn to master the skills of automation testing with QARA Test - a Cost-Effective Solution for Rapid Automation developed by T/DG.

Training Program to Master Automation Testing

Training Details:

  • Date: 15th Feb to 20th April
  • Time: 11 am to 1 pm
  • Duration: 45 Days, Mon to Fri
  • Location (In-Lab Training): Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru

The training program is designed to help you discover the powerful features that make QARA Test a highly effective tool. There is also a provision for online training. People who enrol for the program will learn to use QARA Test to execute the most complex of test cases with incredible results.

What's more, the Session is the first of its kind in Pune and has been organized to cater to the growing number of professionals who are looking forward to switching to QARA Test to maximize test coverage and quality of their software products.

Registration Details:

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To learn more about QARA Test and it's powerful features, visit http://www.qaratest.com/

Posted Date:
Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018