Women's Day @ T/DG 2020

Women's Day @ T/DG 2020

Good health is the greatest gift, said Lord Buddha and this thought was beautifully reflected in the event organized by The Digital Group on the occasion of the International Women's Day this year. The event was a session on women's health that took place on 6th March, 2020 in the premises of the Pyramid Building in Hinjewadi, Pune. Conducted by Dr. Shilpa Dobhada, the informative session was focused on women's health, the most prominent health risks faced by women today, and how one can avoid them.

Dr. Dobhada spoke in length on how today's lifestyle – most people relying on junk food with little or no exercise – is a cause behind the major healthcare issues women face today. She also explained how women can take basic precautions and conduct self-examinations to spot the most initial symptoms of common forms of cancer affecting women today. She also spoke about how exercise can help women stay healthy and recommended some basic exercises to be practiced every day. Maintaining a balanced diet was also one of the points focused on. The best thing was she explained everything in a way that was interesting and easy to understand.

After the hour long health session, it was time for some fun activities and games. The HR team had organized fun games like dumb charade for the participants and there were goodies to be won. Everyone received gifts and packets of Holi colours, and it was a fun-filled afternoon for all the female employees in the organization.

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Posted Date:
Monday, Mar 9, 2020