Information Management Services

Information is available in varied formats and sizes. Management of this information is typically done by the organization throughout information lifecycle, regardless of source of format like Paper Documents, Audio, Video, and Electronic Documents, etc.

Information Management with SharePoint can be easily translated to increased productivity and cost savings for any organization. SharePoint organizations are seeking best practice approaches and improved ways to manage, control and store their internal records and documents.

Business Challenges

  • Information Quality Assurance
  • Excessive Data Management Costs
  • Multiple versions of data and information
  • Adoption of new technology platforms creating data migration challenges
  • Lack of information exchange across business units leading to incomplete customer and business information

How Digital Group can help your Information Management?

  • We Help You Develop Information Management: Digital Group Information Management controls solutions and services which help your organization to use the corporate knowledge base efficiently while improving user engagement and output. The Digital Group Information Management Practice can support your organization with an emphasis on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
  • We Develop Solutions for Information Management: The Digital Group Information Management solutions also assist the organizations to ensure they meet their internal governance and regulatory compliance obligations through the automated and transparent application of business rules.
  • We Build the Best User Interface Design for Information Management: User experience is enriched with the potential for improved productivity with management experience – It provides the ability to access and share corporate information from anywhere at any point of time.

What Digital Group provides

Our services portfolio include (but aren't limited to):

T/DG enterprise information management services

Digital Group adopts Information Management solutions with the following strategies:

  • Business and technology formulation for organizing, storing and managing information related to the organization information processes.
  • Long term vision and delivery roadmap development to support the planning, management and governance of enterprise information.
  • Support communication and education activities of ongoing governance and sustainment and the embedding of the IT and business processes within the organization.
  • Technical process and organization architecture development to support the creation, capture and management of enterprise information.

Key Benefits

Digital Group implements Information Management with the following benefits:

  • Information Management alignment strategies with your technology roadmaps and organizational goals.
  • Transparent management information.
  • Existing data structure access and provide paths for migration and consolidation.
  • Returns on your technology investment realization.
  • Develop how information is captured and delivered to the business.
  • Ensure compliance with international standards, industrial regulations and legislation.
  • Organize your information with the use of automated business rules.
  • Connect employees and teams through the use of modern collaboration and co-authoring tools.
  • Increase productivity through process automation.
  • Automate the delivery of information to the user.