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Enhance your organizational productivity with T/DG’s collaboration and workflow solutions

With emerging technologies paving the way for digital transformation, it is critical that enterprises have effective and adaptable collaboration and workflow management solutions in place. Collaboration solutions make it easier for systems, organizations, processes and people to work together. Workflow solutions aim to adhere to reliable business processes. They also improve efficiency and productivity in any organization by managing the tasks and steps involved in business processes, enabling the people to perform tedious tasks and concentrate on performing tasks rather than managing the business process workflows.

The Digital Group follows a powerful approach that helps determine and execute a practical and useful mobility strategy that reduces time-to-market and ensures efficient solutions.

Dependable SharePoint workflow solutions

Overcome business challenges associated with workflow automation

  • Searching for right amount of data at the right time can be time-consuming and tedious.
  • Losing the essential data because it is unstructured and not maintained effectively.
  • Investing in expensive collaboration tools in order to achieve an efficient workflow.

T/DG’s workflow automation and collaboration solutions

SharePoint workflow benefits

Creating a collaborative platform - The SharePoint implementation focuses on site design, branding, collaboration, custom development, search solutions, application integration, migration, content management, governance planning, site and navigation taxonomy, deployment and support.

Developing strategic solutions for a collaborative platform - The experts at The Digital Group concentrate on developing collaboration and workflow solutions that either assimilate with SharePoint technologies or are originally embedded with these technologies. For each of our solutions, we provide accurate configuration to reduce complexity and maintenance. We also provide customized SharePoint BPM workflows and applications for meeting specific business requirements. Using Microsoft SharePoint has numerous benefits, which can be understood from the illustration above.

Creating the best User Interface for a collaborative enterprise workflow platform - The Digital Group experts, design and implement SharePoint sites that reflect your organizational goals. Design and branding are the key elements in any SharePoint implementation. We have extensive experience in applying visual designs to SharePoint as well as using varied techniques for branding. We have expertise in creating custom site definitions, themes and site templates as well as SharePoint design.

Deploying solutions into different environments -The Digital Group provides deployment of collaborative workflow solutions phase wise, into diverse environments (Development, Testing and Production). Each environment is tested with experienced testers periodically before moving on to the production environment. We use different tools for bug tracking and release control using TFS, SVN, etc.


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