Reduce your paper trails with our document and records management solutions

From the time a document/record is created till the time its archived, its management, recovery and backup requires a lot of effort, skill and time. Moreover, the type of content, the volume, the size and the structure, etc simply make the task more difficult. In today’s data-driven market scenario, access to accurate data and its security are the key aspects of a decision making process. In is therefore essential that an enterprise has a streamlined document and record management solution in place.

The Digital Group offers a full range of content management consulting services. We have proven expertise in various licensed and Open-source CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and DotNetNuke.

Challenges in optimizing your data records

  • Storing copious amounts of old and existing data to comply with government/company policies.
  • Fetching and categorizing structured and unstructured information.
  • Increased cost and manpower requirement in fetching the records.

T/DG’s Enterprise content management offerings

The Digital Group has developed a wide range of CMS integration solutions for large and small organizations. The document lifecycle management incorporated by our experts includes creation and archival of documents or records that meet the regulatory and statutory compliance requirements.

Content Management Strategy Content Management Implementation Training
Advanced Assessment Template design Documentation
Vendor evaluation Software integration Training and mentoring
Information architecture Usability testing  
Workflow and process development    
Strategic planning    

Benefits of implementing T/DG’s enterprise content and records management solutions

  • Comprehensive and integrated solutions for Document, Content and Records Management.
  • Maintenance of documents, files and information with higher proficiency and cost-effective solutions.
  • Highest level of quality assurance and customer care.
  • Skilled workforce for strong, sustainable and balanced growth.
  • Maximum security from data theft.

Open-source CMS tools and technologies used

T/DG has expertise in open source as well as other technology platforms.


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