The Digital Group helps to implement portal solutions to manage and prioritize user expectations and resolve governance concerns, which eventually bring predictability and imperativeness into the enterprise information portal. The Digital Group provides Enterprise Information Portal applications which are web-based, centralized and maintained according to client's specifications.

Business Challenges

Information is increasing exponentially in all domains. As a result, the information is stored in web applications, packaged applications or programs. The information is widely increasing in the form of volume, variety and velocity which is difficult to manage.

In a nutshell, the information is unstructured and in discrete sources. Enterprises find it challenging to manage data with respect to security, accessibility, presentation, maintenance and analysis.

The Enterprise Information Portal solution at the Digital Group integrates the data and represents the information to the end users in a useful format or interface.

What Digital Group provides

The Digital Group can support your Enterprise Information Portal by providing following services:

enterprise information portal development
  • Strategic services for Enterprise Information Portal solution - The Digital Group provides Enterprise Information Portal services which comprises of Governance, Strategic development, Strategic audit, User experience design, Product evaluation, configuration and customization, Architecture development and Migration strategy, Taxonomy consulting and planning.
  • Develop solutions for Enterprise Information Portal with the help of experts - Our experts at Digital Group specialize in developing Enterprise Information Portal solutions using SharePoint as a Content Management System integrating with .Net technology for custom implementation. Our solution includes Single Sign-On, Application Integration, Customization, Personalization, Enterprise Search, Document Management System, Content Management System, Access Control, Federation, Profiles and My Sites, Shared Calendar and Timelines, Message Interface, File and Information Sharing.
  • Create the Best User Interface Design for Enterprise Information Portal - The specialists at Digital Group design and implement Enterprise Information Portal solutions using SharePoint products, customization and collaboration platform. We have assembled an extensive, controllable, practical, combined and secure portal which is based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Our solution also helps to integrate varied information, documents and data in enterprises. The solution is provided to enhance productivity.
  • Test and deploy Enterprise Information Portal step by step - We perform six levels of procedural web testing methodologies for Enterprise Information Portal as shown in the image.
Key Strengths

The key assets that the Digital Group showcases are:

  • Experienced Engineering Team
  • Strategic Development
  • Effective Governance
  • Strong Focus on People, Process and Technology
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Cost-effective solutions