Clear all bottlenecks with T/DG’s reporting dashboard solutions

A Reporting Dashboard, today is the front-end and first line of access to business intelligence. It is an optimized way to gain insight into an organization's operations and performance. However, it is crucial to adopt the right kind of dashboard solution that suits your organizational requirements.

The Digital Group provides a variety of reporting capabilities to enable organizations to deliver information to end users quickly and in multiple formats for improved decision making. We offer Reporting and Dashboard competencies to provide users with the ability to better understand workload performance and identify potential processing bottlenecks.

The BI reporting and implementation hurdles and challenges

  • Resources with the knowledge, capability and experience to improve BI strategy and effectively manage BI dashboard implementation are hard to find.
  • Assessing the optimal investments required to maximize business value, making technology choices and the risks in new BI initiatives can be challenging.
  • With limited resources, increasing demands and time pressures, most enterprises cannot get the desired returns on their investment.
  • Inability to read ever-increasing data and analyze the business performance.

T/DG’s Business Intelligence dashboard services

The Digital Group works hard to provide reporting dashboard solutions and services which include -
  • Business needs and value assessment.
  • BI roadmap development.
  • Business requirement analysis.
  • Planning and architecture guidance.
  • KPI identification, data warehouse design, OLAP modeling.
  • ETL architecture and development.
  • Reporting, alerting and analytics solutions.
  • Management dashboards and scorecards.
  • Data mining and intelligent application solutions.
  • Portal, application and systems integration.
  • Corporate training.
  • Data warehouse testing services
  • SharePoint reporting services
  • MS SQL reporting services
  • Data visualization

How do you stand to gain using our BI reporting strategy

  • A preliminary architecture customized based on your business goals.
  • A gap analysis on your current hardware, review data sources, data source consolidation, challenges, and relationships within the data.
  • Understanding user interactions with data to better overcome roadblocks.
  • Organized data source lists and maps.
  • Cube designs and recommendations on the hardware/software platform.
  • A Business Intelligence roadmap customized according to the organization's needs.
  • Dashboards that easily aggregate data from multiple sources and track success metrics associated to business strategies.
  • An integrated ad-hoc data exploration and visualization to explore root causes.
  • Advanced reporting tools to address complex reporting challenges.
  • Quick report creation with intuitive interfaces and in multiple formats.
  • Streamline dashboard, scorecards, report delivery and management across the organization.

Technology Stack


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