The Digital Group understands the significance of mobility solutions for enterprises and individuals. The Digital Group understands that Mobility has become crucial to enterprises to achieve their business goals. Therefore, Digital Group has strengthened its core competencies to provide mobile solutions for enterprises to create intimacy with desired audiences.

We offer app development for various mobile platforms which includes:

enterprise mobile application development services

Mobile Application Development

  • Source code security
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Industry-best practices
  • Rigorous app testing and quality assurance
  • Cross platform development
  • Successful app deployment
  • Technical assistance in app Marketing
  • Instinctive app designs for iOS 6 and iOS

Mobile Application Development

  • Personalized app design and development
  • Conventional widget development
  • Expansion of custom android libraries
  • API Customization
  • Finest technical support and maintenance
  • Collaborative GUI design
  • Re-engineering and porting Android apps

Mobile Application Development

  • Web-based and mobile app
  • User friendly and collaborative apps
  • Assured customer satisfaction on security through legal signoffs.
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Improved Communication
  • Modified user interface

Mobile Application Development

  • Embedded application development for Windows smartphone
  • Capable of integrating windows API to produce rich content.
  • Windows enterprise mobility solutions.
What Digital Group provides

The Digital Group provides various mobile solutions for customer satisfaction. Some of the mobility solutions delivered by the Digital Group experts are as follows:


  • The Digital Group mobile strategies help enterprises to achieve mobile objectives by understanding the full life cycle of each project. We construct and design definitive strategies to meet business objectives.
  • The Digital Group experts analyze core competitors and audiences to deliver appropriate solutions for businesses.
  • The mobile advisory team helps enterprises to strategize the common platform for assimilating and managing mobile devices and the corporate assets. The Digital Group delivers mobile services that improve internal efficiencies and open up new revenue opportunities for business.
  • Our mobile consultants and expert advisors provide a full plan and a cohesive practice to provide mobile solutions that facilitates smooth functioning of business tasks.


  • Design is not fundamentally how it looks but how it works. The right design of the product enables a good user experience. We understand how crucial a positive user experience is for a successful product which is why we focus on ease of use and accessibility that includes the structuring and organizing the content in a distinctive and meaningful manner.
  • The experts at Digital Group design intuitive interfaces which engage and retain users, thus we make sure user expectations are accomplished through mobile application development.


  • The Digital Group provides ad-hoc releases of applications/products while in progress to the stakeholders which results in a fine-tuning process.
  • We deploy the applications/products to the client's chosen market place such as Apple App Store, Android Market or distributed internally within a company. We believe in providing a mobile solution that delivers maximum customer satisfaction.


  • The dynamic application team at Digital Group thrives to deliver an innovative and unique mobile solution.
  • We provide mobile solutions with innovative use of web, mobile, cloud and other emerging technologies.