Though businesses are trying varied ways to connect with customers, traditional methods seem to be expensive and old-fashioned. The evolution of progressive mobile technology has proven to be effective in overcoming these challenges. The experts at Digital Group strive hard to create custom mobile apps to create significant influences in a customer's life by providing brand products and technologies.

What Digital Group provides

The Digital Group fulfills your dream to build an app that overcomes all the challenges in setting up a mobile application. The Digital Group provides following services related to consumer mobile applications:

Key Features of our services
consumer mobile application development services
Key Strengths
  • Right approach and technology
  • Saving clients' money and time
  • Mobile technology expertise
  • Strategic Mobile Application development approach

Choose your Mobile app development path

We know consumers spends more time using apps than the mobile web but both hold intrinsic value ,therefore, we help you choose the right development path for you.

Features Native Hybrid Web
Development Language Native Only Native & Web / Web only Web Only
Code Portability None High High
Device Specific Features High Moderate Low
Access to Native APIs High Moderate None
Advanced Graphics High Moderate Moderate
UI/UX High Moderate Low
Upgrade Flexibility Low (always through app store) Moderate (generally through app store) High
Installation Experience High (from appstore) High (from appstore) Low (via mobile browser)

Technology Focus