Challenges enterprises face while on a mobility transformation journey

  • One size doesn't fit all – understanding which mobility solution is suitable for your business
  • Speed of innovations – the exponential rate at which the mobile technology is transforming
  • Focusing on the bigger picture – realizing that mobility is not just an added capability but the new disruptive way of doing business
  • Implementing the internet of things – executing the strategy across a plethora of applications and devices
Industry-specific Enterprise Mobility solutions

With trade expansions crossing multiple geographical boundaries, global citizens becoming key growth drivers, enterprises are transforming themselves to create a virtual workspace that is accessible by employees from anywhere. At T/DG, our experts understand that every industry is posed with unique challenges in becoming a completely mobile business. We provide Enterprise Mobility consulting services that goes beyond just the tip of the iceberg. Our clients get a holistic strategy that includes employee engagement, data security, workflow integration and more.

T/DG helps clients face the following Mobility challenges head on –
  • Centralized mobile device management.
  • Data security over secured and unsecured networks.
  • Cost-effective applications and platforms.
  • Business strategy alterations.
  • Blended workforce management.
The Digital Group provides Enterprise Mobility Solutions in the areas of strategic planning, development, designing, testing and management of enterprise mobile applications. Our expertise includes -
  • Determining the best technology platforms.
  • Designing, developing, delivering and maintaining user-friendly applications.
  • Collecting, accumulating and testing mobile application data.
  • Quality testing procedures.
  • Reducing errors and automating the performance of the applications.
  • Managing the data of enterprises and enhancing security of applications.
Here’s why you should choose T/DG -
  • Ensuring inexpensive, quick Enterprise Mobility services with focus on security..
  • Identifying and implementing mobility use cases with proven hands-on experience of sales tools, big data and social media platforms.
  • Harnessing the power of analytical data and mobile devices for dramatic improvements in the company's marketing strategy and effective human resource planning.
  • Connecting marketing, sales and IT and using this integrated approach in building mobile solutions.
  • Identifying the key business functions to mobilize and prioritize requirements based on the ROI.


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