Managed Support Services

Experience Increased Compliance & Security at Lower Costs

Organizations today are gradually seeking managed support services with the primary objective of reducing operational costs, among other reasons. Managed support services involve the practice of transferring the responsibility of managing your day-to-day IT operation activities to a service provider, which improves the efficiency and makes the process cost-effective. As a leading provider of managed support services, we are characterized by flexibility and complete ownership so that you have to deal with the lowest risks.

How we helped enterprises to overcome challenges related to managed support services.
  • Application Health Check - to review application configurations and provide recommendations remotely
  • Patching Updates - remote upgrades and new updates applied on a regular basis
  • Global Monitoring - to ensure maximum system uptime and business continuity
  • Support Services - in areas related to change management, service request management, patch and release management, monitoring services, hosting services, continuity services, and performance management.

What The Digital Group Provides under Managed Support Services Space

Experts at T/DG focus on maintaining data effectively and the migration of legacy applications to complement the changing business needs through IT managed services, which includes Data Maintenance, Application Maintenance and Legacy Application Migration services

Data Maintenance Services

With an extensive experience across a variety of industries in creating data and dimensional models that reflect business requirements, we offer a stable and scalable data architecture in the following domains:

  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Master Data Management
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Application Maintenance Services

Designing proficient application management solutions by using our knowledge and competencies to ensure that the client's applications are running efficiently in the following domains:

  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Migration & Integration
  • Application Support
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Legacy Application Migration Services

The Application Migration Services provided by T/DG involve enhancement of the current applications to a newer version or re-engineering the current applications with new technologies in the following domains:

  • .Net Migration
  • Oracle Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Migration to Cloud Platform
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Why Choose Digital Group for your Managed IT Support Services

  • Services designed for enhanced productivity.
  • Cost-effective maintenance of databases.
  • Highly effective services and solutions that facilitate efficiency, quality and better decision making.
  • Reduction of time, risk and resources involved in the maintenance of numerous applications and data structures.
  • Accomplishment of end-user satisfaction through the collective maintenance of systems or application portfolios.


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