Data Architecture and Management defines how data is collected, stored, and processed to support business processes. A well-defined architecture helps you manage large amount of data efficiently and improve business processes.

The Digital Group understands the importance of data in business operations. We have extensive experience across a variety of industries in, creating data and dimensional models that reflect business requirements. The result is a stable and scalable data architecture that will deliver results for years without major enhancements.

Our data experts will develop data models for your traditional transaction processing systems and dimensional models for data mining and data warehousing to help you extract data from your business intelligence and business reporting applications and transform it into useable information. We can assist you in determining which data designs and database features will help you get the most out of your business applications and improve the flow of data between database objects and between databases.

Business Challenges
  • The key challenges faced by the clients in dealing with master data comprises of incomplete, unreliable and duplicate data.
  • Unable to endure the large amount of enterprise data
  • Manage the quality of master data with optimum security
  • Maintain sensitive data stored in enterprises
What Digital Group provides
Data Maintenance Services Overview
Data Maintenance Services Overview

Benefits of Data maintenance Approach at Digital Group

There are several benefits of the data maintenance approach at Digital Group:

  • Assures that common data reconciles across all systems
  • Develops data quality across the enterprise environment
  • Reduces complexity in the information management environment through data standards
  • Track the information flow across all systems in the architecture
  • Is scalable to meet future business volume growth
  • Meet the needs of an initiating project and can also be extended across the wider enterprise environment
  • The data maintenance practice and methods can adopt easily to the constantly changing Information Management Processes, Organization and Employee skills
  • The Data maintenance solution provided by the Digital Group facilitates better decision making and enhances customer satisfaction
Key strengths
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