LegacyApplication Migration

Increased Agility & Security with Legacy Application Migration

The age-old applications are referred to as legacy applications and are a company’s biggest IT assets. However, constant technology evolution often makes the IT applications obsolete after a certain period. To gain an edge over the competition, enterprises today need to move on to advanced technologies that result in greater efficiency and higher productivity. This need to constantly modernize or migrate the applications to meet the changing business needs, lower costs and mitigate risks calls for legacy application migration services.

Here are some of the challenges enterprises face when it comes to effective application support and maintenance.
  • Constantly changing business rules and procedures.
  • Time and cost incurred in introducing new applications and technologies.
  • Obsolete IT applications due to changing requirements.
  • Risks involved in migrating the legacy systems.
  • Successfully catering to high user expectations.
  • Multiple systems giving rise to fragmented systems and improper flow which results in poor efficiency.

What Digital Group Provides under Enterprise Legacy Application Migration Space

The Digital Group (T/DG) understands the need for this change and provides legacy application migration solutions. Our solutions help you upgrade your systems and applications to add value to your business by optimizing the right mix of existing application management vis-a-vis new technology migration or enhancements. The Application Migration Services provided by T/DG involves enhancement of the current applications to a newer version or re-engineering the current applications with new technologies.

Here’s How We Can Help You

  • We help organizations take decisions on cloud legacy application migration i.e. migrating their legacy applications to the cloud.
  • Our experts perform web-enabling of the Legacy Applications by using latest technologies such as ASP.NET, VB.NET or C# and Database such as MS SQL 2005 or MS SQL 2008.
  • Our professionals offer various solutions such as testing, maintenance and quality control of Legacy System Modernization and Migration.

Why Partner with Us for Legacy Application Migration Services

  • Our solutions are designed for easy integration with existing systems in your organization.
  • We help you with solutions that are more dependable and stable as compared to legacy applications.
  • Experience a boost in productivity and efficiency.
  • Leverage the benefits offered by latest technology, such as social networking, search integration and more.
  • Experience flexibility and scalability with our solutions.
  • You get advanced systems that are easy to use and maintain.
  • We help you reduce operational costs with new-age applications.
  • Constant updates ensure your systems are never outdated.
  • Expertise in legacy as well as modern technology.
  • Enhanced security and productivity with efficient processes.
  • Automated migration processes with low human intervention which reduces errors during migration process.
  • Usage of technology with great interoperability which improves business performance.


To find out more about our legacy application modernization services, please contact us today. You can also send us your project specifications at info@thedigitalgroup.com